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My overall action plan proposal or research is to learn more about Christians. Although I am a Hindu and am raised by Hindu parents, who hail from southern part of India, I used to have longing to Christianity and used to visit churches whenever I could in my childhood. My mother also believes in Mother Mary and we used to go to the church of Mother Mary, which was behind our society.

The importance of the church was for Wednesday’s and thus we used to go there and pray with other people.

I used to go there with one elderly widow sister who, used to tell me that you need to touch the ribbon that flows on mother Mary and pray. I used to do that not knowing why she told me to do that. What was the importance of that ribbon? She also gave me a paper and told me to write on that paper whatever I wanted from Mother Mary and put it inside the envelope and drop it inside the church.

I did that and surprisingly I got whatever I wanted. Since then my belief got doubled but I still don’t know most of the rituals that they follow. I used to love lighting candles over there. The other attraction to this religion was taking out a page in Bible where in the elderly sister used to tell me my day’s fate and I used to love listening to that. I don’t know what it is called but I wanted to know more about it.

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It is a vast religion and there is so much that I do not know and understand about this religion especially when they are from different countries.

Currently I am working in a company, which is owned by Christians and learning what it means to be in a Christian world would be a good start. We have prayers in the morning as well as when we leave the work premises. As a counselor in US, I believe mostly my clients would be from this particular religion. The number of population hailing in this religion is more and it is important to be able to check on my personal beliefs and experiences from childhood and be able to know the client as well. My goal for this project is to develop my own thinking and the understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to my own understanding of the world and the experiences within it.

I want to increase my knowledge and understanding about Christianity so that I can be prepared to face the client of this belief and be more accepting of other people’s strong religious beliefs. Thus, to increase my skills, of becoming a Counselor.

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