My Achievement Family Essay

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My Achievement Family

Everybody has their own personal experience and has their own achievement throughout their lives. My achievement just happens to be when I saved my father’s life. On April 8th-13th, during Spring Break of 2008, we were living in Yorktown, Virginia and my family and I decided to take a vacation to Goldsboro, North Carolina to celebrate my 15th birthday. It is also a place to go swimming and ride ATV’s (four-wheelers), dirt-bikes, go-carts etc. This fantastic place is called “Busco Beach”. When driving, it only takes four to five hours to get there, depending on traffic. When we arrived, we unloaded the four-wheelers off the trailer, set the camper up for all of us to sleep in, and we had such a fantastic time until the third day there. That day started out terrific. We rode ATV’s all around Busco Beach, went to the concession stand where they have cheese-sticks with mozzarella sauce, hotdogs, nachos, and lots more.

I always ended up getting the cheese-sticks with mozzarella sauce because they were always delicious. That day, every moment of every second was an exciting eventful day until that night. My family decided to take an all together family ride, but my mom ended up going back to the campsite early to make dinner. My mother had left, and my brother and I asked our father if we could play tag. He said yes; therefore, we ended up playing tag for a little while, and we all started to get hungry. My brother and I mentioned to our father that we were hungry, and he agreed. We stopped playing tag, and began to head back to our campsite. When my brother and I got back to the campsite, something did not feel right. I looked back behind me and noticed that my father was not around.

I developed a gut wrenching feeling something was wrong, and that’s when I heard my father’s whistle. Still hearing my father whistling, and without any hesitation, I rushed to him as quickly as possible and saw him on the ground writhing. All soaked, from head to toe, he continuously patted his head and stomach to keep himself from passing out. The four-wheeler was flipped onto its side halfway in the water. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. The ambulance came and took him away to the hospital. The doctors had informed us that my father’s bones were sticking out of his left leg and needed to go into surgery ASAP. They also said that if I would not have gone back for him, he would not have made it. We decided to go home the next day because we knew he would be in a lot of pain and that he needed his rest.

The next day came, and we asked him what exactly happened. My father ended up saying he “blacked out”. A couple weeks have passed, and I have received an award from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) where my father worked. I have received this award for being a brave young lady and for being a hero. When I found my father lying on the ground, I was extremely terrified he would not have made it with all the gruesome things that have happened to him. What happened to my father was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.

Going through this experience has changed my life, and knowing that this had happened to my father, it could happen to anyone. I do not want any family going through the same experience I have gone through, and I especially do not want anybody getting hurt as my father has. I’m very grateful my father is because if I would not have heard him whistling, or felt that something was not right, he would not be here on this earth today. I have thanked God many times for not taking my father away from his family, and I hope no one has to go through what I went through.

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