My 3 Top Dream Destinations for Travelling After Retirement

Being able to travel after retirement undoubtedly belongs to the high lights of the third part of life. Finally, going to wherever I want to be without having to look over my shoulder to rush, to be somewhere else but best of all, not having to go back to work. Indeed, a dream come true!

My first destination would take me to Queens Town to catch up with my younger son. As a true child of nature, he is facilitating outdoor adventures for a tourist company! Not will it be great to see my son doing what he loves most, I also would use the time to catch up with his girlfriend.

We are very close. I am sure, I could convince her to come for a round trip along the coasts of New Zealand.

From Queens Town, I would journey on to Perth to see my older son and my little granddaughter. Since I have never been to WA, I am looking forward, exploring this side of the country.

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Of course, a trip to the Kimberly’s would be on the program, as well as riding in a camel caravan at Cable Beach, watching the magnificent sunset.

Vienna — Paris — London

The highlight of my journey, however, would be Europe. This would be as much a holiday to catch up with my family in Vienna, as much as it would be a culture and art holiday.

Vienna is an old city with a history which takes the interested visitor back to the 12.

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century. Even today, Vienna is in every aspect a city of the 21. century, its long history is still visible if one knows where to look for it. Finally, there are countless museums and art galleries, which could fill an entire holiday and the heart of every art enthusiast.

The last two steps of my journey would take me to Paris and London. Paris has long captured my heart. Visiting the Louvre as well as Montmartre in the heart of the city, following the footsteps of unforgettable artists like Van Gogh or Matisse. — If there was nothing else in life to do or to see anymore, I could easily see myself settling in Paris for the rest of my life. However, that might be a dream too big to really realize.

One more step on my journey around the world is left. London!

Like Paris and Vienna, London too has a rich history as well as great art and architecture. If you love paintings, you and happen to be in London you just cannot go past the National Art Gallery. It is said, that in this gallery you will find the 30 must-see paintings on your bucket list. The list of famous painters goes from Vermeer to Da Vinci with many more at their sides!

Lastly, as they say, every great journey must come to an end. I would return to my small abode in Gippsland and maybe create a photo journal of the trip of a lifetime!

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My 3 Top Dream Destinations for Travelling After Retirement
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