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Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (481 words)
Categories: Business,Company,Health,Healthcare,Insurance,Management
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Mutual Insurance Provider of Iowa (MICI) has a major insurance coverage office facility in Des Moines, Iowa. The MICI office center in Des Moines is the one accountable for processing all their insurance declares for the whole nation. With this, the business is experiencing fast growth of sales which resulted in matching boost in customer’s claims. Nevertheless, the claiming department was not able to manage the increasing volume of claims, which leads to the dissatisfaction of their consumers.

Sally Cook, the manager of Claims Processing, suggested using a brand-new sort of system, the JIT system.

This brand-new kind of system requires for the training of the managers and workers for them to able to be multi-skilled. JIT system likewise required for the restructuring of the business. If this new system will be implemented well, it will aid with the current issue dealt with by the company and will in turn enhance production effectiveness and increase client relationships.

Conversation Questions

1. Recognize the characteristics you would expect the Claims Processing Department at MICI to have once the new JIT system remains in place.

Since the business proposed that the workers need to have cross-training exercises to be able to assist in a variety of insurance claims processing, it will manifest that employees are flexible and are capable of working with various claims thus will result to a more efficient output by the staff members.

The workers who have been trained are the crucial success aspects to the improvement of MICI with the help of the JIT system.

2. What will the restructured cell layout for claim processing in Figure 16.10 look like? Draw it. 3. What assumptions are you making about personnel and equipment in the brand-new group technology cell layout?

a. Reduction expense of labor
b. Increase in possessions such as devices
c. Greater energy cost
d. Worker are versatile and can manage different claim processes
e. There will be expertise for each procedure
f. Production devices will be located in one central location
g. Boost in staff member training budget
h. Improvement in the equipment usage

4. How will the new JIT oriented system benefit the MICI operation? Explain.

The JIT system, if installed and implemented properly, will have the benefits of the following to the MICI operation:

a. The new system will reduce setup time and schedule delays since the production will be continuous. The forms will arrive and will be processed at the same day. b. Improvement in the flow of goods and services. The claim forms will be processed and cleared as soon as they arrive. c. Higher customer satisfaction. The company can offer services that can go in accordance to the demands of the customers. d. The company staff and workers will be more productive and multi-skilled since they have been trained comprehensively. e. The new system will reduce errors and defects in services since there will be quality control in the production.

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Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa. (2017, Jan 02). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/mutual-insurance-company-of-iowa-2-essay

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