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mutliple choice

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Ghost appearance
robe and crown

name of castle

guard must have who witness the Ghost in order to convince Prince Hamlet of it’s reality?

Why does Laertes want to leave Denmark?

Hamlet first soliloquiy, tone evident when he capare the uses of this word to a ?
unweeded garden

Polonius and Laertes both give Ophelia advice. What?
avoid hamlet

Why doesn’t horatio want hamlet to follow the ghost
Afraid ghost will attempt to kill Hamlet.

How does the Ghost want Hamlet to treat Claudius and Gertrude?
Murder king leave Gertrude

What does Hamlet make Marcellus and Horatio swear to?
Muder plor

When the play opens at the castle what time of year is it?

According to the text of the play, there is a war in between what 2 countries?
Denmark and Norway

According to the Ghost how was he murdered?

King Claudius related to Ghost

The ghost tells hamlet, horatio and the guards to swear on Hamlet sword?
False, hamlet does

Horatio and the guards tell Hamlet NOT to chase the Ghost because they fear the ghost may have bad intentions, including driving Hamlet crazy and/or even killing him.


Polonius’ role in the kingdom is that of an advisor.


Laertes gives Ophelia – his sister – advice before leaving the country. He tells her that if Hamlet should make an advance toward her, she should accept; it’s one way their family will rise in status.

Polonius sends Reynaldo to France-why?
spy on hamlet

Ophelia is frightened by Hamlet.

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What has he done to frighten her?

dressed shabbily

Polonius explains Hamlet’s behavior in what way?
rejected love of Ophelia

What pair do the King and Queen hire to find out the reason for Hamlet’s strange behavior?
R & G

What is Polonius’ plan to prove his theory of Hamlet’s behavior?
Hide behind an arras with the King and overhear Hamlet and Ophelia speak

The Queen gives two other reasons / possibilities why Hamlet may be acting strangely.
Her recent marriage and King Hamlet’s death

Hamlet compares Polonius to the biblical Jephthah. What is the allusion?
Jephthah unintentionally sacrificed daughter

What play are the Tragedians going to perform?
The murder of Gonzago

What is Hamlet’s plan to trap the murderer of his father?
To have the Tragedians enact his father’s murder with 12-16 lines he writes

A traveling group of actors visits the castle; Hamlet uses this opportunity to:
Have the players re-enact the murder of his father to catch the King

War: It is revealed that Fortinbras will not attack Denmark; instead, his army will remain home and end any and all wars.

Polonius: Hamlet calls Polonius a “fishmonger.”

Polonius: Hamlet answers Polonius’ question, “What are you reading, my Lord?” with the answer, “Stories when Kings were honest.”

Hamlet: Hamlet compares Denmark to a:

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern report to the King and Queen the reason for Hamlet’s behavior
mad out love

Hamlet tells Ophelia to get thee to a”________________.”

What does Queen Gertrude hope is the cause of her son’s behavior?
Ophelia’s beauty

Polonius makes one more suggestion as to the discovery of Hamlet’s behavior
To have King Claudius send Hamlet a love note disguised as Ophelia to gage his reaction

What is Hamlet considering when he says, “To be or not to be.”
Ending his own life

When King Claudius asks Hamlet the name of the Tragedians’ performance, he tells him
The mouse trap

The King, assured Hamlet is not mad for love, makes a decision to send Hamlet where?

We do learn a little about Polonius’ acting days (which foreshadow). As a youth, he played the part of
Julius Caesar

When the Tragedians perform their play, what is the King’s reaction?
none of above

Whom does the King send to escort Hamlet away from Denmark?
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

The King does express remorse, yet during this quiet session alone, Hamlet decides not to kill him. Why?
Killing the King while praying for forgiveness will send him to Heaven, defeating the purpose

Why does the Queen yell, “Help, ho!” when talking with her son in her chambers?
Because Hamlet has slain Laertes behind an arras in her room

The Undiscovered Country: Who is killed in Act III?

What is the Murder of Gonzago?
The actual name of the play the traveling group performs

True/False: King Claudius orders R & G to take Hamlet on a ship to Norway.
False; england

Hamlet doesn’t kill King Claudius when he has the chance because King Claudius is with Queen Gertrude, and the Ghost made it perfectly clear to leave Gertrude alone from murder.

Polonius hides behind an arras – tapestry – when hiding in the Queen’s bed chamber.

Poor Ophelia: Hamlet tells Ophelia to get thee to a nursery, indicating that she’s pregnant and due to be a mother soon.

In Hamlet’s famous opening line to the world’s most famous soliloquy, he contemplates taking his own life.

Where does Hamlet sarcastically tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (and the King) where they can find the
body of Polonius?
With the KIng, but king’s not with him

What is Hamlet taking with him on his embassy trip as part of Claudius’ plot?
A letter from the King telling those he meets in England to kill him

Hamlet meets men associated with Fortinbras and learns they are headed to take land from which country?

From these soldiers, Hamlet learns something important. What does he learn?
They are willing to die for little purpose; he should be willing to die for his purpose

In his soliloquy,Hamlet decides
He will act bloody the rest of his days

What reason does the King give for Ophelia’s strange behavior?
Her father’s unexpected death

When Laertes returns, what are his followers chanting?
Laertes shall be king

King Claudius calms Laertes by promising him what?
The death of he that killed his father

In a letter to Horatio, Hamlet explains how he initially foils King Claudius’ plot against his life. What has he done to escape death?
e. None of the above

The King gives Laertes two reasons for not punishing Hamlet for the death of Polonius. What are they?
It would affect his mother greatly + the general public loves him

By what method do King Claudius and Laertes plan to kill Hamlet?
At a duel, Laertes will stab him with a poisoned rapier / sword

Who is it that delivers the news to Laertes of Ophelia’s death?

The gravediggers (clowns) discuss the death and burial of Ophelia and consider why her burial shouldn’t be a
full Christian affair. Why?
Because one does not receive this type of burial when one takes one’s own life

What is Laertes’ final act toward his sister?
Jump into the grave and hug her

Hamlet now reveals how he had Rosencrantz and Guildenstern killed.
He switched the letter meant for him and had it readdressed to kill them

Who is it that brings news to Hamlet that the King has wagered a battle between he and Laertes?

What is Hamlet’s final wish?
That his [Hamlet’s] story be remembered forever

In a strange twist, whom does Hamlet prophesy to become the new King?

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