Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Essay

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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The movie Midnight Express written by William Hayes, is somehow accusatory that has shown a picture of ruthless Turkish politics at an extreme. The movie has depicted the Turkish jailors and officials as inhumane and bizarre. Hayes seems to have a dynamic personality that could be seen in the climax; where his behavior changed from a calm person to a dreadful being. Although the movie justifies the brutality of the Turkish government, yet Hayes does not sound to have guilt of the crime he has made. Smuggling is a serious crime that was not supposed to be committed, and Hayes was aware of it. The tone in the movie is constantly dark and dreadful, which indicates terror and enrage.

The prisoners are beaten brutally if caught escaping from the jail such as Jimmy, who loses his testicles in the end. Max is also beaten by the in charge Lutheran, due to Rifkey who blames him for bringing in drugs. There is also a sense of homosexuality in the movie, which is shown between Eric and Hayes. The point where Hayes loses his conscious and kills Rifkey has a bit of shallowness in it. Moreover, the movie describes more of a stereotypical belief about the Turkish rather than persuading the message to either discourage the legal system or abide by it. A.Flavio being a young child is very responsible and selfless regardless of being unfit. He was responsible for cooking, cleaning, and caring of his parents and siblings. Q2.

Where is Parks staying in Rio de Janerio and why does he include a description of his accommodations? A.Parks has grudges for poverty and he included a description of his accommodations to compare what circumstances one has to go through in order to survive in poverty. He compared the life he was living where everything is accessible with that of Flavio who is striving hard to live another day. Q3. According to Parks, what sort of future awaits Flavio?

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