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Muslim community Essay

Essay Topic:

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Through the course of time, parts of the world have long stood by those that threaten to pull the earth beneath their feet, but there are those that stand marvelously defying all words associated with imperfection. One of them was founded by Sultan Ahmet I. Though officially known as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque after is inventor; it is the commonly known as the Blue Mosque.

The governing color is blue, from which the structure draws its favored name from because of the fine azure Iznik tiles that coat its interior walls which has the most intricate yet grand designs (Saglik Cadessi).

The tiles by the windows, up to the walls and those in the sultan’s box are the most beautiful and its admirable contour is a notable part of the remarkable skyline of Istanbul as it is seen from the sea.

The design for the mosque, which was considered the most beautiful of all imperial mosques in Istanbul, was built in only seven years (sometime in 1609 and completed in 1616) by Architect Mehmet Aga who tried to compete the mosque with the superb Church of Haghia Sophia (Mine Karahan), although unsuccessful to this he was however, successful in producing perfect scopes of its domes and semi domes, as well as the courtyards, and the ornamental fountains, the mural writings every line in itself is a product of great artistic effort, are verses from the Koran.

More on that, it is difficult and perhaps senseless to try comparing with the Haghia Sophia to say which is a most imposing composition considering both are beautiful in their own way. The Sultan though lent a hand in building the mosque on several occasions but died in twelve months of its culmination at the age of twenty-seven.

There has been a fascinating story linked with the mosque for quite some time; according to the story, the sultan required to have a minaret made of gold which in Turkish means “altin” although the architect misheard and thought that the sultan had said “alti” which is six in English on the other hand Sultan Ahmed I liked the minarets a great deal for the reason that at that time no sultan had a mosque with 6 minarets! (Mine Karahan)

Now, when Pope Benedict XVI visited Istanbul’s six-minaret-mosque, Vatican spokesman the Reverend Federico Lombardi advised the Muslims that the trip was “a sign of respect” to steer clear of stunned expressions that the Turkish citizens may come to. (Brian Murphy) Such a place should not be left forgotten even in the expected years to come and for the hope that for whatever reason that some may think poorly of the Pope should bring it to an end. In my opinion, I find it would be a relief if the both sides (Muslims and Catholics) would cease the struggle for everyone’s sake.

People have yet to appreciate how precious something like the Blue Mosque is to the past and its future if they want to keep a place like that it top shape. I find it noteworthy to speak of this particular work of art because it has a certain mark in history in which it would be impractical to eradicate. Aside from that, it is a sacred work of art which means taking a great deal of care for it is vital considering how the religious folk care much for it.

I’m not merely pointing out just the Muslim community but more of the idea that even those outside the Muslim sect may take chances in preserving such tremendous construction. Added to these reasons, one must realize how valuable this may be to the coming generations of the next line. Think of how many people would like to see another formidable piece of the world other than the Eiffel Tower.

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