Music’s power over the universe Essay

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Music’s power over the universe

Throughout generations, freedom of expression has found its way to be the most convenient, and sometimes effective, way of people to convey their thoughts. Art has been a strong medium for people to say what they really feel, aside from words. With this premise, it is of no doubt that music as well has been a powerful tool over one’s mind and body. Music evolved on how generations changed through the years. More often than not, it has been a symbol of different ages, showing the rest on what they believe in.

It has also been a catalyst of changes, whether to a large political scale or just a personal dilemma. Some people also consider music as a point of inspiration, as Plato quoted, “Music can instill self control among the young…”. But this is not always the case; music can also be a point of destruction to some. In essence, as music fits every generation that lives, it has become a human diary. It is a reminder of our past experience, whether success or failure. It cultivated our thoughts and disposition in life and continues to assume this role even in the future.

Even history books acknowledge the lasting existing of this form of art. It has its own way of controlling our universe. Why such power is attributed to music? One thing to music is its versatility. Basically, it is hard to find a human being not being affected by music. Many people make money out of it, as well as many people spend money for it. It has served as a ladder to iconic artists through the years and even to some who almost played god. But music also served the hearts of those downtrodden, as their shield in time of life trials.

Whatever ways music was used, its primary goal is to elate people to their own satisfaction or “happiness”. In his book, Psychology of Music, Carl Seashore shows us that music can actually govern a human behavior, intelligence, pain tolerance and health. Even science acknowledges the power of music to heal and to promote health. Horace Mann supports this thought in the 19th century. It can both affect one’s biological and its vitality (Morgan, 2008). Much social researches have also been devoted on how music represents most of the society’s perception from day-to-day life.

These evidences show that music in one way or another control the being of the universe. People breathe life into this universe, and music gives people the reason for living. In much ways, music has been a long-standing way to comprehend the success and perils of humanity. Its control can be felt on how it influences the personalities of most people. However, this must not limit our big perception to music. In one way or another, even if it gives meaning to the human spirit, our feelings and behaviors are still governed by life circumstances. Pure human experiences are still the bases of music.

Diserens and Fine explained that we tend to think music powerful because it jives to what we think and what we have experienced before. We find it powerful because it has puts words to our minds on feelings that we cannot explain. However, on the standpoint the music’s power can be a controlling force to the universe, this can be true. Music has gave more meaning to human existence, gave life to the strong feelings and ideas that are also brought about the human mind. Its existence from the earliest generations to the present shows us that people permit music to be part of their lives, to be their other speaking voice.

Whether in spiritual or earthly form, music has intensified the reasons why this universe that we know must exist.

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