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Musical Instruments Essay Examples

Essay on Musical Instruments

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Jazz Music of Miles Davis' in Kind Of Blue

All in all, "Kind of Blue" has worked its way into the hearts of millions of jazz fans with good reason. Davis has never had a tighter band behind him and every player exudes their confidence and knowledge of their instrument with every note they play. The end product is a beautiful blend of evocative solos and innovative progressions that deserve to be heard, studied and loved by anyone who appre...

Comparison of Balinese and Javanese Gamelan

Balinese Gamelan Angklung. (n. d. ). Retrieved March 11, 2009, from http://www. seasite. niu.edu/Indonesian/budaya_bangsa/Gamelan/Balinese_Gamelan/balinese. htm. Becker, J. (1988). “Earth, fire, sakti, and the Javanese Gamelan. ” Ethnomusicology, 32(3): 385-391. Brinner, B. (1995). Knowing music, making music: Javanese gamelan and the theory of musical competence and interaction. Chicago, IL: ...

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Fugue

Normally, episodes do not contain any subject matter, but Bach cleverly placed fragments of the subject and countersubject to aid in modulating to the next closely related key. Measures 8-11, episode one, the fragment(s) are heard throughout every count in different voices, modulating to the relative major of B-flat.; this, as well, occurs in episode two. Episode three, occurring in mm. 24-27, is,...

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Playing an Instrument

If you want buy any instrument there are some things that are vital and of most important. Quality is one of the things that are vital. In addition, costs and functions are also vital. For example, the work of a lead guitar is different from the bass guitar. There can also be problem caused by the instruments itself such as the bowing of the violin. These can be harmful on the part of the person p...

Musical Instruments Speech

There’s no way to have all that fun than for you to be the person who is playing the music! As you can see, playing a musical instrument has many benefits and hopefully that will motivate you to keep on practicing and always hold music in high esteem. Whenever you come across challenges as a musician, think about the end results and always remind yourself of all the great reasons you love to pla...

Musical Instruments Classification

Both of them are then classified by the type of impact: struck (roto drums, snare and bass drum), rubbed (friction drum), and blown (kazoo). Idiophones split into pitched and unpitched and then also include struck (triangle, bell, castanets), rubbed (glass harmonica), plucked (kalimba), and shaken (jingles) percussion insruments. Chordophones have only three primary subclasses: bowed chordophones ...

Music of Psychedelic Rock Band

That doesn’t mean that they had to do drugs, but it means they most likely did. These were the people who went against the societal norms and expectations of the era and were engaged in music like psychedelic rock. The lyrics to most of Dr. Dog’s songs are quite ambiguous. Each song has a meaning that’s personal to the individual who is hearing it. What the listener takes away is something o...

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