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Musical Boundaries

The authorities have real difficulty in extracting the musical boundaries that run into criminal behavior. However many performing in clubs grime experienced unwarned police investigation (Hancox, 2008). Due to increased firm popularity, London’s Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) was applying discriminatory measures in order to ‘lock off’ venues and exclude artists from performing, as said by Hancox (2008) in interviews by London’s live grime promoters. They also reported that venues imposed conditions where gigs are refusing to proceed despite the previous number of safety events without any sign of incidents.

Hancox (2008, 2009).

In November two young men been jailed for posting their own created grime video posted on Youtube where they been threatening witness of a murder. (Raif, 2009). Another example was two other guys that added music video full of street-level violent imagery, while was another young man was judged as an issue with antisocial behavior by ‘glamorizing gangster lifestyle’.

The legal authorities require subcultural acumen to the accurate interpretation of artistic expression material linked to criminality.

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Thus significant implementation by professional grime artist as these ‘beef’ videos appear more real violent that they actually are. Despite these instances, many UK urban music artists become the competing voice for many increasing young people everyday life by making continuous contributions and support toward anti-crime and violence campaigns

According to Binder (1993), basic arguments have been used to encourage censorship of rap music. First of all, it is the corruption of youth as a danger to society argument states the explicit lyrics. Representing suicide, sexual acts and anti-authority attitude contribute towards youth behavior, The effect of the music on young listeners emphasize their attitude to society as it suggests that these kind of bad behaviors are acceptable.

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The second argument stated by Binder (1993) is the protection of youth as it suggests that parents and adults should keep youth away from offensive lyrics. This argument unduly to adults responsibility and guidance for youth on living standard, however, many researchers argued the problem with behavior appeared before the youngsters listen to rap music and that music genre contributed to rather cause behavior problems. Additionally, music videos, have a greater impact on the attitudes and activities of the receiver than audio music as suggested by Sun and Lull ( 1986).

To analyze this more Johnson (et al, 1995) done research where teenager age 11-16 were exposed to violent rap music videos as a higher chance of use of crime. In regards to this report, depressive symptoms have been noticed by student listening to non-violence music than students that heard violence songs. The research also found that students felt better about their lives and preferer rap more after listening to that type of music, Harris (et al, 1992) has done research on patients with mental health problem he reported that they act with inappropriate behavior after listening to easy listening music than to rap music.

Addressing many issues around rap music does not show that influence behaviors and attitudes. Moreover, data conducted by Philip Bump, the total number of crimes and violent crimes recorded by The Federal Bureau of Investigation suggest there is no relationship between rap music and an increase in crime and violence. Furthermore, it suggests that there effect as minor and rap music has ”antisocial and delinquent effects’.Those many of those that listen to a different type and subculture of rap can find a situation they can relate and relive their anger and grief rather causing harm also the rapper express violence through music rather than physical actions.

All discussed criminality again creativity lead to another theme which is moral panics as why there is stereotypes and panic of violence over music.

Britain music making shockwaves of dark hip-hop genre ” drill’ as characterized as slang for weapons and accused of murder and violence. This is a depiction of ghetto life for suburban white youth of seeking thrills proven to be toxic for a generation as discover by NWA. Defenders of drill see sexual material and violence of bigger sale meanwhile they explain as these bleak scenarios of living reflection in poverty-ridden inner cities.

The Britins first panic over youth subculture was in 1964 is a series of riots by batted rockers. Rock classic as ”Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix and its violence lines same as rap lyrics are cartoonish and not likely to prompt copycat to acts this way. Ciaran Thapar agrees to Stanley Cohen and believes drill music is new folk devil and object of moral panic. He also highlights the worst case in over social media communication and provocative carry on out of the result of drill lyrics as not to be ignored as it damaging.

Commander Jim Stokley known for being metropolitan gang crime chef and his idea of treating young people as a terrorist is very controversial as these people describing their everyday life however he has announced that drill rappers should be treated as terrorists and encouraging police officer to be given greater powers. As following Terrorism Act 200 Terrorism Act 2000 to assist in convictions without proving a link between the incitement of violence and the actual act (Thapar, 2018; Fatsis, 2018b).

Moral panics is simply a fear from loss of control of significant changes that affect moral fabrics of society. Cohen (1972) defined moral panics to be collective form activities and behavior, where we see groups or individuals presented as being dangerous, being a thread to some values they also they are pictured and styled in stereotypical fashion in mass media, public or law enforcers (Cohen, 1972). Moral panic is caused by supported argument by Hall et al, 1978; Goode et al 1994 as it is a fear of increasing crime. However, in an interview with BBC Radio 4, DJ Bembah argues that Drill music is a just talk of real life content happen on daily basis adding that music can affect emotions but it cannot affect your outside and make to murder anyone.

Cohen sees many other musical subcultures fallen into a ‘moral panic ‘victim. Drill music has increased the risk of youth violence in London. He sees concern and association between youth vandalism and that type of music and as who want to enforce young people power and their expression of them self through music. Drill music is the current musical moral panic, Unfortunately, daily music mainstream genres in the seventies that cause moral panic and shook in the instance as turning youth into drug-friendly was the popularity of punk band Sex Pistols. In the eighties young people been turning into Satan worship as of heavy metal. And it leads until the nineties as becoming a gangster and killing each other as a form of rap. This rap music and their subculture such as a drill is a reason for new upcoming mainstream that soon is played on the radio.

The last theme to cover up is the most common force in place as censorship of music.

Censoring is a process of restriction as of lyrics is portrayed as bad influential into the public. Censor music by one person that prevents performing the song as it brings not commercial value simply not play anywhere not allowing to be played. In 1960s rap lyrics and music was not considered as any poetry or artistic at all was also a lowly form of expression. in economic and environment censorship is likely to be barriers to the full expression for many people.

The power to control and to define some music as offensive and therefore restrict it or an outright ban is what defines censorship, as said the certain lyrics corrupt young people minds and leads them to violence, crime, rebellion, sexual abuse as well use of drugs use. We can see an example of restricted music as enforced by record industries. by label stickers on albums with ”parental advisory-explicit lyrics’ adopting either or over to buy this product policy and also restricting the amount of controversial recording from store shelves. It all result of a political thread, and legislation regulations. Censorship is to debate and have many opponents as measuring restriction the free flow of artistic expression as well as freedom of speech to be a significant issue. Main problems of censorship is misinterpreting the lyrics and finding the correct message and meaning in music. The lyrics same way as any poetry is subject to interpretation all though people can disagree with its meaning does not mean reinforcing all human rights is a debate as for why not allowing to discuss have an effect on society. According to Frank Zappa, referring to censoring as a manifestation of mindless and cultural terrorist when people disagree with of acceptance of this genre as a piece of music.

The criminological consideration of power, rights, and harm can be fitting topics of a corporation using music, abusing, and control of those who will be playing it and listening to it. The music weapons were used in war and conflict as well as punishment in the criminal justice system. It also take something from society that perceives that music as good. The misuse of music knows as white noise was cultural torture and harmful end against human rights.

The recent case of censorships can be seen in two drills UK rappers Skengdo x AM that has been jailed for 9 months for performing a song attempted 1.0 it a topic of arguments as in police press release there was nothing that leads this to be a gang-related crime.

This time police started banning thousand of music videos off Youtube as being a potential crime and disorder. Police have ruled this particular song as powerful and illegal. In order to under what clear evidence allowed police to be against AM and SKendo may be imposed other two Acts. First Part 4 of the Policing and Crime Act 2009 upon as it preventing individuals wearing certain clothing as seen in video wear of balaclava as used in internet facility with violence, All through these two rappers did not commit a crime. Another ‘gang injunction’ under Article 10 of the Human Rights Convention 2009 as meaning the free expression of speech that been restricted as it so to prevent crime and disorder.

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