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Music vs. Books

We live in the age of information; where our generation needs some sort of communication in various ways. Weather it may be through music or books, there are several variations on communication, just depends on how you want to target them in order to get the information across. Both music and books have similarities as well as differences. Each has its’ own advantages and disadvantages. Music produces sound that is also a form of art, where books are illustrated pieces of paper which are presented in a different way than music; such as written form.

Music and books can have advanced effects on your life in different ways, like music can have more of an effect on you then a book would. With in doing so comparing the two; they have both been traced back in time to as far as the ninth century B. C. , Books back then had been written on stone, tree bark, metals and clay while music had been around for about forty thousand years.

Both music and book have been passed down from generation to generation.

Music from where it started until today has many genres such as; Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, Folk, Oldies, County, R&B, and so much more, books come in various ways such as; magazines, news papers, and journals. Due to its advantages, music is considered more. Music has an advantage where it uses sound while books use the eyes to relay the messages, for some people hearing is an advantage to seeing and vice versa.

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In order to read a book you have to be educated where music you don’t need the prior education, and you only have to understand the music to understand the message the singer is putting across.

Books will give you information that you are looking for while music gives you the information while as entertaining you at the same time. Many people at one time can listen to much while with a book only one person can MUSIC VS. BOOKS 3 read it at a time. Some books can carry hidden messages that the author is trying to get across, while music is direct and to the point. Books tend to stimulate mental journeys and expanded awareness of realities different from our own. This is a very true statement, because a person can use his or her own experiences and compare them to a different reality.

When a person reads about an explorer and his many adventures, it can make he or she think about testing their limits and own abilities and go out and pursue their own journeys. Both books and music need parental guidance. There are so many different vulgarities that song writers and authors use, it makes parents worry about what their children read and/or listen to. Different types of music can give either a negative or positive impact on people, sometimes music can give both negative and positive impacts.

It truly depends on how a person interprets a certain song or lyric. Books have almost the same affect as music in this aspect. Books can be very useful and eye-opening, and they can also be misleading. Most generally non-fiction books and biographies tend to be useful, where fictional books can be misleading, for example, a book can say that there are talking bears when in reality bears and other animals do not have this ability. Music and books can be great influences as well as bad influences sometimes.

It all depends on how a person acts, reacts, and interprets what he or she reads or hears. Both music and books can impact a person’s life in a positive way. Music allows someone to express themselves and his or her emotions. A book allows a person to escape reality and enter into an alternate reality, and allows his or her mind to partake in events that they would never be able to in real life. Music vs. Books 4 References Recomparison. com © 2012 reComparison – Compare it Yourself http://recomparison. com/comparisons/100456/influence-of-books-vs-influence-of-music/

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