Music vs. Book Essay

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Music vs. Book

Books and music are not a direct comparison normally but when it comes to youngsters and their lives both have a very strong influence. When we are bored, it is the time we listen to music or read a book. These two are the common things we are doing in our leisure time. People should be influenced by music and book. Music can have both a positive as well as negative impact on an individual’s life. The nature and kind of music defines that what type of message they render on the youngster. While books of any type give you either eye opening or well meaning but misguided information on subjects ranging from the simplest subjects to the more sophisticated.

Books can even be used by those who are looking for answers in life. Many people report finding the perfect book to answer the burning questions in their minds. Books are more limited: fiction like novels and short stories and non-fiction like memoir, history, biography, self help, and philosophy. Reading books require a larger share of our time. We cannot also do another thing while reading a book. We cannot read a book while washing clothes. Books are more intellectually stimulating and has bigger journey than music.

On the contrary, music doesn’t answer questions by itself. Music answers feeling or disturbed emotions looking for an outlet. It exists in an extraordinarily wide array of genres and styles like vocal music (song, choral music, and opera), solo instrumental, chamber, orchestral, band and etc. We will listen to the music we love countless times over the course of our lives. We can multitask while listening to music. We can listen to music while running or washing clothes. Music are more passion and emotional than books.

Whether you want to listen to music or read a book, they can both give positive and negative influences, affect all kinds of age groups, and cause different views of the world.

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