Music Represents the Soundtracks of Life Essay

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Music Represents the Soundtracks of Life

Music is an unavoidable ingredient in everyone’s life. Whether its music we play by personal choice or music we hear in supermarkets or a retail store. Society will hear music. What comes along is what will affect the listener. Through time music has changed to meet the needs of society. In the past music was one of mans only form of entertainment, in many households the radio would play all day. Music changes as our lifestyle and environment changes, music was simple and very plain in the past but society could not live without it, the music was plain because their life was plain.

As music developed, music started to split into different forms, now called genres. People created different genres to match their needs and feelings. Each genre reached out to a certain type of person’s personality and affects that person’s way of life. People listen to a specific type of genre to match their mood, for example: when a person is sad or grumpy they tend to listen to slow or depressing songs to match their mood, examples of these genres are blues and instrumental jazz. Different genres can also change your mood, at a club or party people play upbeat and fast paced music to get the people dancing and socialising.

Rock or metal, a developing genre, is a very popular genre because of its distinct sound. Rock mainly consists of bands with a mixture of instruments and one or more vocalist. Music is not only heard on radios, cd’s or on the TV, music is constantly around us. One cannot imagine life without music because society is so used to hearing it. In movies music is used for effect and drama, a movie without music does not only sound dull and boring, it feels dull and boring. The music makes you shiver at the climax of a horror movie, the music makes you cry during a romantic scene.

Driving on long journeys while listening to your favourite artist makes the trip feel a lot shorter and more enjoyable. Nature is one of the only places where you can hear natural music. Imagine walking through the forest without hearing the sweet sounds of birds chirping or the sounds the bushes and trees make when the wind passes by. Music makes life more relaxing and often is our source of inspiration. Music moves our body in many ways, but most of all it moves our souls and helps people to look deep inside themselves. Music will continue to grow and will never die. Music is the soundtrack of life.

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