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Essay on Music Industry

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The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Generally, I think Amadeus has been one of the best expressions of art, music, the genius artist. This is what makes the movie to be described as a modern classic. It offers a completely new dimension and point of view of classic music. This piece of art not only takes us through different and diverse characters but it also mixes music with the real world realities like envy. The director of this ...

Robert Nesta Marley

Although Marley had expressed political neutrality, some believed that Marley had favor for Michael Manley’s side. During rehearsal, just two days before the concert, Marley and some members of his band were shot at. No one involved in the shooting were killed, but both Marley and his manager at the time suffered injuries. Marley went on to perform at the Smile Jamaica concert to keep the peace,...

Eminem’s Life

His fans are crazy for him, this built him a relationship with others because although the years that he has wasted and the tears that he has tasted nothing can take it from him. People have begun to love him for whom he is. This life situation was unpredictable because no one ever expected for Eminem to turn out the way he has, he went through such a bad stage as a child that he lost hope in ever...

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Jazz Concert

They masterfully serenaded and entertained the audience through vocalist Mara Duran who did vocals on “Orange-colored Sky” and “It had to be You”. The group kept the crowd swaying and crooning on our seats in time with the beat. Jazz took my heart out from the first notes that had drifted from the instruments up until the faintest tune that was whispered by the wind. That night, I closed m...

The Hippie Movement

So, we’re left with asking ourselves a question. If something so simple as changing the way we dress, the way we treat each other and the way we view the world, what’s stopping us from doing that today but just on a larger scale? Perhaps tackling world hunger, or bullying. It was truly amazing how popular this style caught on, and that it lasted a full decade. Imagine a world where everybody h...

One Direction Boy-Band

To Me One Direction is the boy-band more talented and fun that exists, since boys are normal people and make mistakes like us, have fun like us, have flaws like us and make all the same to us (they are human but believe it or not). And although not like many to me if I like, because as says Cher Loyd (singer) "guys hate to One Direction because sing what a girl wants to hear and what a boy fears ...

Julio Nakpil

Ernani Joson Cuenco (May 10, 1936) was a Filipino composer,[1] film scorer, musical director and music teacher. He wrote an outstanding and memorable body of works that resonate with the Filipino sense of musicality and which embody an ingenious voice that raises the aesthetic dimensions of contemporary Filipino music. Cuenco played with the Filipino Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Manila Symphon...

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

His absolute works, in 33 volumes, edited by Franz Commer, Franz Espagne, Theodore deWitt, and from the 10th volume - by Haberl, are in print by Hartel and Breitkopf. Haberl presented the final volume of the concluded version to Pius X on Easter in 1908 (Gauldin 1995, pp. 45-46). Giovanni Palestrina was a tough and distinguished musician, demonstrating a pinnacle of technical faultlessness, but ac...

The Mendelssohn Concerto in E Minor

The technical and formal features of the violin concerto, as compared to Mendelssohn’s education in the classical form, illustrate that the work was innovative for its time. Mendelssohn’s collaboration with Ferdinand David demonstrates the work’s attention to technical detail. Mendelssohn’s careful editing is illustrated by the complete composition of the cadenza, as opposed to one intende...

Come On Barbie Lets Go Party

Barbie is indeed “a Barbie girl in the Barbie world” but somehow she still finds a way to bring destruction to the real world. You have a lot of strong, intelligent arguments here. I think that for future essays you can improve your writing by trying to develop the essay so that the whole thing flows smoothly on one focues, track. Using god transitions will help you do that. I gave one example...

Michael Jackson

It was the interview before all the child molestation accusations took place. Michael Jackson's This Is It. Dir. Kenny Ortega. Prod. John Branca, John McClain, Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, and Paul Gongaware. Perf. Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson Company; AEG Live; Columbia Pictures; Sony, 2009. DVD. The movie This Is It is a behind the scenes look at the massive pre-production of what would hav...

Michael Joseph Jackson

Though Michael Jackson has been known for pretty much anything and everything under the sun besides music for the past 15 years or so, his accomplishments during the '80s will always remain some of the most impressive in music history. For better or worse, Jackson came to define what it meant to be a star in the modern world, and it can certainly never be said that his public life has ever been bo...

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington

Simply put, Ellington transcends boundaries and fills the world with a treasure trove of music that renews itself through every generation of fans and music-lovers. His legacy continues to live on and will endure for generations to come. His son Mercer Ellington took over his band after his death, and his grandson Paul Ellington is over the Ellington Estate now. The Ellington Fund helps to fund th...

Lil Wayne vs. Drake

In conclusion, we could keep comparing and contrasting both Drake and Lil Wayne all day, but in the end all that matters is that they both make great music, and they are both listened to and enjoyed by millions and millions of people. There so much alike in the end to where it would balance out anyways. They are a great team together and they are both very successful. However if I had to chose whi...

Kurt Donald Cobain

Cobain was an emotionally and psychological underdeveloped person that struggled his entire twenty-seven years on earth. However, he was also a kind, loving, talented, son, father, husband, brother, nephew, friend, and idol to many. He fought for freedom of speech and musical freedom. He fought against stereo types, and the media, while also trying to fight his own personal demons. However, we are...

"The ’59 Sound" by The Gaslight Anthem

He is writing the song as a lesson like Marley warned Scrooge. Fallon is trying to celebrate life in a way that Finch would have wanted. This is why the music and the lyrics of the song work together. The Marley reference is so subtle but it makes all the difference in the meaning behind the song. This is something that we can take away from pop culture. By taking a closer look you can pick up on ...

Elvis Presley and Rock and Roll

The image of Elvis continues to thrive today, proof of which is the fact that his physical image is one of the most easily recognizable—not to mention profitable—images in American culture. Other people imitate the way he looks, talks and sings. Various American television shows have sought to incorporate his profile into their episodes, from cartoons to comedy acts (Duffett, p. 396). There ar...

James Blunt

Blount is criticized by some for being overly depressing as there is such an emotional longing and hopelessness in his work. His lyrics talk about lost love, war, addiction and sorrow. The songs are sad and emotional. Yet he tackles these subject with sensitivity and honestly. He is a poet first. The music he pairs with the lyrics is similarly gently and delicate and moving, and haunting. Blunt ha...

Digital Millennium Recording Act - Napster By Patrick Sampson

Common good perspective: violated laws of society Napster being platform for other such software: increase in competition, financial loss, discouraging. The nature of file-sharing networks as it implies, to peer-to-peer and decentralized. There is no central server that uploads stores and downloads content - each user (potentially) acts as a server for each other user. One effect of this is that t...

The late Dave Brubeck

Ten years later, he received a Kennedy Center Honor for his contributions to the American Culture. Also in 2009, his son Michael passed away and many health problems began to arise. Brubeck underwent heart surgery in 2010 at the age of ninety but was up and performing again a month later. On Wednesday, December 5th 2012, David Warren Brubeck died. He passed on, one day before his ninety second bir...

Chris Brown and Michael Jackson

When I look at both Chris and Usher’s overall reaction to the death of Michael Jackson, I felt the tremendous weight that sadness and despair can fold around a heart. I wanted to offer comfort to them both, however, by the end of the mourning period, I only wanted to comfort Chris Brown. It was obvious that Chris Brown’s wound was still cut open and bleeding. Chris Brown and Usher are extremel...

My Favourite Singer

I will be seeing him in concert in June and I am so excited because, as previously stated, this man is my role model. He is a young, hard-working and soulful singer that doesn’t care what other people think about him. In 2012, he was named as the worst dressed man by GQ magazine. This didn’t faze him at all as he stated in a tweet “Named Number One worst dressed male in GQ, glad they noticed...

Creative Biography of Lady Gaga

Gaga can be seen partaking in various controversial activities. One of these activities is the making and wearing of her iconic meat dress. This dress that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV's video awards caused an uproar of reaction around the world. This was seen as Gaga seeking attention from the world, where it be positive or negative. After the event, Gaga explains that the meat dress was tied t...

Lil Baby

In conclusion, the aspects I've really dug into " how trap is not only about violence and drugs, yet songs that don't talk about those certain topics remain being trap because of the rhythms " is what makes Hip-Hop/Trap have good "taste." Even though the song "Close Friends" talks about something better than what most trap songs talk about, it's still trap, but just removes the stereotype of what ...

Financial News About San Antonio Symphony Situation

Therefore, in order to repair its relationship with past donors the best way would be not shutting down completely and by investing in the music and the musicians and by building the Symphony's visibility. Sometimes even street concerts of musicians can help advertise the company without any pressure and will be able to bring back customers which eventually attracts the donors. Therefore, the basi...

Ludwig Van Beethoven Composer

Choral Symphony (Ninth), Op.125. -The masterpiece of Ludwig Van Beethoven among the song he has written. It has the most powerful symphony which the composer has added a choir at the last movement to sing Schiller's poem "Ode to Joy" of Beethoven's magnificent melody .Also, this song is a masterpiece because this song is composed when...

Psychedelic Rock

Sadly, by the end of the decade, psychedelic rock started to lose its dominance within the music industry due to a series of events, such as the fatal stabbing at Altamont Free Concert in California, headlined by The Rolling Stones, and a series of deaths including The Stones' Brian Jones (which signed the origin of what it's known as the "27 club"), as well as Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys Peter...

Hendrik Hofmeyr

Given the examples of integration in the works of Grov?, Klatzow, and Hofmeyr, I suggest that the compositions by Roelof Temmingh can prompt discussion regarding musical influences in the context of an integrated society. For example, within the dichotomy of integration versus segregation with integration being the positive and segregation the negative is it necessary for musical identity and cult...

Ramos The Messages Of Rap

According to the book, The Economic Worth of Celebrity Endorsers: An Event Study Analysis Studies, by Jagdish Agrawal, studies show that when celebrities endorse a product, it sells over 20% more. Rap artist Kanye West discussed running for president in 2020; already there were "Kanye for president" shirts made. Politically, for America, this would mean another politically uneducated president, af...

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