Music Copying Essay

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Music Copying

Everyone should admit that he or she, at one point or another, has copied music or movies from TVs or downloaded music and videos from the internet. Everyone knows it is illegal and wrong ethically, but very few follow the regulations that outline the practice to be illegal (Moore). Artists have licensed and copy righted their music and videos and when individuals go ahead and copy to be their own for selling it is overtly illegal and unethical. It is possible for one to borrow a CD and enjoy the music. Upon finishing up with it; he or she should return the CD.

However, most individuals go ahead and copy the music into their computers, for their own or in sometimes making copies of music CDs and selling them. This adds to pain to the music producers and even artists themselves. The artists and the music producers go at a loss since the music they produce and intend to sell end up going to waste and cannot be compensated for their efforts (Moore). The main reason why people do these activities is because they see it being done by someone else. When a friend sees another copying music into his or her computer, he or she also wants to have a copy of the same music.

They do these not knowing what impact they are causing to the real owners of the music. Another reason why people copy other people’s music without permission is because they know the real owners of this music are so far from them. Therefore, they know that even if they copy their music, the owners will not catch up with them so as to sue them (Moore). Generally, copying of music is a global problem and it has been a great challenge to the artists and producers. This is because before they sell the music to the customers, most of the music consumers will already be having these songs with them.

This has been blamed on technology since once the music has been produced, it is uploaded in the internet and some cyber pirates go ahead and download the music, to sell it at a lower price than the real price. Governments have tried their best to control these actions of music piracy but it has never been successful. The solution of music piracy lies in individual behavior and discipline. Work Cited Moore, Charles W. Is music piracy stealing? Applelinks, August 8 2003. Web: July 16, 2010 from http://www. applelinks. com/mooresviews/pirate. shtml

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