Music Autobiography Essay

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Music Autobiography

My name is Darshan Gandhi, I was born in a town called Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Ever since I could remember, music has been around me all of my life. I grew up into an Indian family where music was our cultures number one craze. When I was eight years old, my mom would take me to the Indian temple, that is where we would do our prayers. The type of music they played at the temple was very different, it consisted of flutes and a singer whom would sing with a group of people. It was very fascinating, but at my age I wasn’t very much interested in it.

During the age of ten, in my fourth grade class, the whole fourth grade which consisted of around seventy kids, had to do a musical. The musical consisted of seventy kids playing a plastic flute. We spent about two months practicing and had to learn how to play it properly, I struggled with it a lot. I wasn’t too much into it nor did I like music very much after having to play a flute which was one the worst experiences of my life. When 5th grade came, the whole 5th grade classes was required to be part of a chorus. It was required that every student had to do it, to graduate. I actually liked chorus a lot better than playing the flute. I enjoyed it cause even if my voice and singing was not too good, it didn’t matter because we sung as a group.

When 7th grade came, I remember this day as a very special day. I met a student named Kenny, me and him talked and got to know each other, and he asked me if I listened to Eminem, Tupac, or Jay Z. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. He was shocked at how I have never heard of these rappers. That day when school was over, Kenny asked me to come over to his house to hangout. I went over and we played some video games, then he put on some music, at first he put on Eminem, and I was amazed at what I was listening to. I have never heard rap in my life and I was sitting here listening to it enjoying so much of it. Then he put on Jay-Z and I was astonished at how someone could rap very quick like him.

I wanted to listen to more of it, but I didn’t have any CD’s or a CD player to listen to them on, so Kenny introduced me to the Radio FM, I had no idea there was a¬†special station on the radio where I could listen to music. I was amazed at how much I was missing out on in my life. As we got older, new rappers came into the business, like Lil John, Pit-bull, Sean Paul, and many more. It was fascinating to listen to all these types of music. As time went on, I found out on MTV that they would have music videos for hit songs of these rappers, it was amazing to be able to watch the videos. I spent every Sunday 12Pm- 2Pm watching music videos, I never missed a day of it.

Once I got into high school, I met a person named David, David was Peruvian and he listened to a lot of rap like me, but he listened to a special type of rap. This rap was called reggae ton and it was very nice listening to it. The music consisted of Spanish music, and rap mixed together it was very interesting to listen to it because I have never heard anything like this before. As my high school year went on, I started to listen to less rap and exposed myself to music from a certain video game. This video game was called Kingdom Hearts, as I played the game, it was very fun, but what made me more interested was the music that was involved with the game. The music was composed by a Japanese musician, by the name of Yoko Shimura. Once I found out who the composer was, I looked into other music that she created and was astonished at how much she has done. Yoko has composed music for over 100 video games many which I have played before.

After graduating High School, I went off to college, this is where I met my friend Ron, and he got me into a certain type of music called. Electronic Dance Music, at first I didn’t know what it was, or what it involved. My first song I listened to was by a DJ named Tiesto, his music was phenomenal. He used a mixer to compose his music, he would use two different types of songs and then combine them into one. Another good type of EDM music I liked was dub step, dub step involved lots of bass, some people find it annoying to have to listen to music that has no lyrics, and only instrumental music. I found it very incredible. My favorite dub step artist is Skrillex, his music is amazing just like Tiesto’s.

To conclude, music has been around me my entire life, at first I wasn’t into it as much, but as time went on, I began to enjoy it more, I love music now
and I enjoy everything new that comes out by my favorite artists.

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