Music Appreciation Ch 3 Pre/Post Tests

A light opera genre popular in nineteenth century England and Austria

Asymmetrical meter
Meter in which the number of grouped pulses changes instead of remaining constant

Irish dance-based production featuring a musical score by Bill Whelan.

The Three Tenors
Stage show from 1990 that featured the voices of Domingo, Carreras, and Pavarotti.

Celtic Woman
Stage show featuring Irish, Scottish, and English songs and fiddling performed by an all-female cast.

The operatic vocal style developed to emphasize volume and tone.
Which of the following statements is true?

Musicals always include spoken dialogue.

Which of the following statements is not true?

Kabuki theatre
Which type of musical theatre employs a class of male actors called “onagata” who play all roles, including female characters.

Chinese opera
In which type of musical theatre do the costumes communicate a character’s relative importance?

The music is atmospheric, setting the appropriate mood for each scene rather than serving as a plot-advancing device.
Which of the following statements concerning the music of Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group is true?

folk art
Any traditional art form representative of, and shared by, a certain people or culture.

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Daniel Gauthier
One of the creators of Cirque du Soleil.

Blue Man Group
Innovative stage troupe presenting a modern version of vaudeville accompanied by music.

Mezzo soprano
Female voice whose pitch range lies between an alto and a soprano.

West Side Story
Which of the following musicals was based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?

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