Music and the Brain

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Music has been a multicultural concept that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of where you’re from or what language you speak. We tend to listen to different genres of music depending on how we are feeling or how we want to feel, like when we listen to sad songs when were sad and love songs when were in love it seems to be a way of expressing ourselves making us feel some type of way not only mentally buy physically we feel the need to move dance.

But why do we feel the need to dance why does it make us feel that certain way if it’s just sounds and does the type of music you listen to matter? Well of course, as to everything there’s a reason behind this when we first hear music it triggers pleasure centers in our brain that release dopamine this response happens so fast that it can even get a pre-high in a way when listening to familiar music by priming itself with an early dopamine rush.

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But besides making you feel good music could actually has an impact on your health.

Starting with brain development, playing an instrument for example could increase gray matter volume in certain areas in the brain and because of this musician could see improvement in areas like auditory processing, learning, and memory. It could be used to help people with conditions ranging from premature birth, depression, and Parkinson disease and above all that research has shown listening to music is proven to increase immunity boosting antibodies and cells that protect against bacteria and other invaders.

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These effects are not limited to a single genre either, different styles can produce the same results however, in other cases the style of music can play different roles every genre of music has its own benefits to you and you could easily experience this yourself by listing to different types of music for example jazz is really great if you’re trying to relax downtempo music which is usually jazz music and this can cause the brain to synch up with the beat making alpha brain waves it creates a soothing mood for us especially if the music is combined with nature sounds.

Classical music can be very beneficial for you as well studies show that it helps increase physical performance as when you’re working music can help you run faster and longer lift more and boost your overall motivation doesn’t only help physical activity but sleep as well by helping you relax physically while calming your mind. Classical music has also helped ease chronic pain naturally. People in recovery from surgery, dealing with disability, etc. have been helped to reprogram the brain to focus on the music rather than the physical pain. As well as improve a mood and lower stress the reason behind this is because studies have shown that this causes positive chemical reactions to happen in the brain to help systems of stress and depression

In conclusion, music dose heavily influences us. It could help us with depression along with other mental health issues our mood it could help us relax or clam down or help us at the gym. Music dose indeed has an effect on our brains and its because of that effect it has such a heavy influence on us.

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