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Essay on Music

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Romanticism in Art, Music and Literature

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) was a German writer and politician. His body of work includes epic and lyric poetry written in a variety of metres and styles; prose and verse dramas; memoirs; an autobiography; literary and aesthetic criticism; treatises on botany, anatomy, and colour; and four novels. In addition, numerous literary and scientific fragments, more than 10,000 letters, and...

iTunes Music Store

As part of its strategy, the Company continues to expand its platform for the discovery and delivery of third-party digital content and applications through the iTunes Store allowing customers to discover and download applications and books through either a Mac or Windows-based computer. The Company’s strategy also includes expanding its distribution network to effectively reach more customers a...

Stress in Winnie Mandela's Life

In order for her to alleviated some of the stress I recommend that she identifies the true sources of stress, look closely at her habits, attitude, and excuses by making a stress journal. A stress journal can identify the regular stressors in life and the way you deal with them. Each time she feels stressed, I would like for her to keep track of it in the journal. As she keeps a daily log, she wil...

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Hip-Hop and R&B

​Music is one factor possessing the ability of creation through countless amount of ways. A slight noise could trigger my instinct to create a melodic beat from it, and sing random lyrics. This effect is not only the case with me, but many musical geniuses existing today or previously. Music serves as a stress-reliever, escape etc. so it ultimately affects the production of a song. It is these c...

One Direction Fans on Internet

In conclusion, I would send these pointless monstrosities to Room 101 to rid myself of them forever. No more YouTubers begging for attention on Twitter, no more Directioners screaming about how Niall got a haircut and no more drunk thirteen year olds stumbling up and down Union Street looking incredibly lost. Putting these horrible things into the dark abyss which is Room 101 would definitely make...

Listening Songs From My Pop Music Playlist

The song Other Side represent Charlie’s mistake through his life. “I thought it up it brought up the past/Once you know you can never go back” make representation of the regrets Charlie had because of his childhood. Through the book we can see that Charlie makes mistakes, after and before the operation, so this song represent it perfectly. The song could be played at the end of the movie, as...

Like A Rolling Stone Analysis of Bob Dylan's Poetry

The meter of "Like a Rolling Stone" changes through the course of the stanzas. Sometimes the lines are iambic, sometimes they have no meter at all, and are free verse. For the most part they are free verse. "Like a Rolling Stone" is a classic folk song in American culture, and instills in the listener the notion of falling from grace, while incorporating many literary devices to help prove a point...

Critical Analysis of Bob Dylan's Song "Hurricane"

He is undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential American musicians of all-time. "Hurricane," stands as one of Dylan's true masterpieces and incorporates the best aspects of his literary style and songwriting capabilities. The song was so influential many believe it even helped to get Rubin Carter released from jail and acquitted of all charges. "…but only 'Hurricane' actually helped get...

Blues and Jazz

History-of-rock. com “A Short Blues History. ” n. d. 27 Jul. 2009 <http://www. history-of-rock. com/blues. htm>. Unc. edu. “A (very) brief history of jazz. ” n. d. 27 Jul. 2009 <http://ils. unc. edu/~jnvicker/inls181/final/histpart2. html>. Wikipedia. “Blues. ” n. d. 27 Jul. 2009 <http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Blues>. Wikipedia. “Jazz. ” n. d. 27 Jul. 2009 <ht...

Song Comparison

People have times in their life where they have to make an important choice and they are worried about the end result. They need to make the best of that moment and just move along when things do not seem to go their way. The lyrics in this song are giving you an image of what is going on. They are symbolized, personified and repeated. All of these literary devices help you connect to the main mes...

Nicki Minaj

Minaj is currently working on her third studio album, which she describes as "a continuation of The Re-Up with a lot more". It is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2013. Minaj has announced plans to appear in her first live-action theatrical film The Other Woman; filming began in spring 2013, with an anticipated release date set for April 25, 2014. Minaj is set to appear as actress Cameron D...

For Elise by Beethoven

From a soft opening, it suddenly moves to an upbeat tempo. There is sheer distinction between the two sections. Also, one can see the transition of emotions from section A to B. Section A is like a subdued emotion. It is soft, almost emotional. Then Section B harps on sweetly and a bit louder. From a passive stance, it moves to an active one. It may be compared to a coming of a storm. Section A is...

John Williams (Composer)

Star Wars is perhaps Williams' most famous and memorable scores and is the highest-grossing non-popular recording of all-time. The combined scores add up to more than 14 hours of orchestral music – a magnitude unheard of by most musicians. It is this tenacity and dedication that I admire most about John Williams and is, most likely, what gave him the remarkable career he has enjoyed for so many ...


The snare, toms, dhad, dafli, dholki, and damru are the other drums. The tumbi, originally played by folk artists such as Lalchand Yamla Jatt and Kuldip Manak in true folk recordings and then famously mastered by chamkila, a famous Punjabi folk singer (not bhangra singer), is a high-tone, single-string instrument. It has only one string, however it is difficult to master. The sarangi is a multi-st...

Music Illegal Downloading

Two solutions to the advantages would be to download music for a fee, which would allow artist to be compensated or allow record stores to have booths with CD burners, which allows consumers to make a CD to their liking. Also, networks would not be violating the copyright laws. The disadvantage is that individuals would not be allowed to freely copy as many songs as they would like, especially har...

Music of Psychedelic Rock Band

That doesn’t mean that they had to do drugs, but it means they most likely did. These were the people who went against the societal norms and expectations of the era and were engaged in music like psychedelic rock. The lyrics to most of Dr. Dog’s songs are quite ambiguous. Each song has a meaning that’s personal to the individual who is hearing it. What the listener takes away is something o...

The Best K-Pop Group

Their promotional activities for the second studio album, and the group also participated in the SMTown Live World Tour alongside their label-mates. On 2010, they performed in a concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium in Seoul. They also performed at a concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Shinee also participated in a concert at Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai and then they started their first concert t...

Analysis of Badinerie by J. S. Bach

There are pedal points in bars 33 to 35, interesting to note that there is use of octaves. In bars thirty six the first beat has a loud dynamic marking and the second beat has a soft dynamic marking which is quite interesting. There is a crescendo in the next bar leading up to forte towards the second to last bar. This section is then repeated and the section time around there is a rit. 2 Volta wh...

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