Museum of Modern Art Essay

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Museum of Modern Art

“The agenda for museums in the twenty-first century” by Harold Skramstad is concentrated on the historical aspects of the museums in the United States. He notices that museums were the great success of the American public education on the nineteenth century. During the twenty century museums stayed the important part of cultural landscape, and nowadays the concept of museums as the form of education is in demand. However, the social opinion considers museum as a passive and informal kind of education, and this issue needs correction,

The chapter 16 “Museum Exhibitions and the dynamics of dialogue” by Kathleen Maclean is the attempt to analyze the role of the museums as the civic institutions and the contribution of exhibition, especially the temporary. The author mentioned the evolution of the very concept of museum, noticing the small facts, for example, the days when museum is closed, as the sign of class orientation, and mentioned that last time the museums became more democratic by their nature, Nowadays museums are ready for the dialogue with their visitors.

At the very end on the chapter author mentioned that the number of museums constantly increases, unlike the number of money available for them. For this reason every curator of the museum should clearly understand the task of the museum in general and every exhibition in particular. It is necessary to understand the needs of museum visitors and their ability to understand and to learn in the museum. The excellent example of the museum with the definite task is the Museum of Modern Art.

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