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Museum Africa

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Museum Africa is a journey back into the glory years of the African past, when the first civilization thrived. It displays different types of archaeological objects to demonstrate Africa’s rich heritage. Museum Africa’s collections and research focuses on indigenous African cultures, history and archaeology.

Museum Africa is one of the heritage site situated in the broader Newtown heritage area. The museum house previously served as a fruit and vegetable market, built in 1913, but was later converted into a museum.

The sectional display of objects in the museum includes; Africa’s rich cultural fashion, different tribal dresses

A reflection of where poor people lived, reconstructed sharks. We still have many of such today in our townships Geology- different types of rocks representing the geological heritage of South Africa and beyond. Photography- display of different early camera and video editing equipment used in the old days.

The Workers Museum

The old municipal building, as well as the artisan quarters, which were once used to house the workers of the power station, can still be found in Newtown.

These buildings do not only provide a unique example of a migrant workers compound in the Johannesburg inner- city, but also display the racial divisions between workers and the different living conditions that black and white workers were subjected to. There are documented pictures, video interviews of some workers that lived there narrating their experience.

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