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National Museum Review (Philippines)

What the heck. Our history, the evidences of the great journey of the country were located there, yet we don’t give enough care and love on that institution. I have entitled my reflection “An untold Chronicle through Art (The Pearl of the Orient)” Because it’s so amazing and mind blowing, to think that through the paintings and sculptures, clothes and silks, structures and literature our a...

Lights and Sounds Museum

The Filipinos weren't allowed to enter inside Intramuros- except the slaves. Because of the Lights and Sounds Museum, I have learned that ordinary Filipinos- except the special guests and the slaves- weren't allowed to enter the walls of Intramuros back then. It was exclusive to the Spaniards- the government officials, the friars and their guests. It was also said that the Spaniards made it a very...

A visit to Subir Raha Oil Museum at ONGC

Outside the museum, there was a incredible display of several types of drill bits, a christmas tree, several types of blow out preventer, a coiled tubing unit, a sucker rod pump and a thumper truck. All of this, not only makes this museum, the first compressive museum on oil in the entire nation but also a pioneering ecology of the oil industry in the entire sub-continent. It was a cornucopia of i...

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Case Analysis_The University Art Museum

The organization needs to understand the competitive advantage and core competence of the museum and built a suitable strategy or strategies around these values. Lastly, there needs to be a formal measure in place to assess the effectiveness. Once the university has taken the necessary steps to lead the museum in the direction it wants for the future, they will be far more successful in finding th...

Reaction paper about National Museum

Going to the National Museum is a experience that I would never ever forget. This place reminds me of who I am and where did I come from. This shows how the ancient people survived in the early period. How their living was and how aggressive they are when it comes to merchandising things. I feel am again baptize not as a Catholic but as proud citizen of the Philippines. This serves as the evidence...

Research about National Museum

One of the artifacts that National Museum features is the “Spolarium” which is in a Latin word referring to the basement of the Roman Colosseum where the fallen and dying gladiators are dumped and devoid of their worldly possessions. It is the most valuable oil-on-canvas painting by Juan Luna, a Filipino educated at the Academia de Dibujo y Pintura (Philippines) and at the Academia de San Fern...

The Museum of Vain Endeavours

How serious people can be in their endeavors but can’t see the realities of it all. Virginia becomes arrogant in her seriousness. For example, the quote “I tried inviting her to come for a walk…she’ll only talked to me within the grey, dusty walls of the museum. (pg.27)” reveals with an irony which refers that people take some intentions seriously, but don’t know ho to deal with them. ...

The Museum of Vain Endeavours Summary

An interesting fact that Virginia shares was that only a tiny percentage of all the Vain Endeavours that occur are recorded in the museum. Why? First, the administration doesn’t have enough money for funding and it is almost impossible to publicize the museum’s work because no one ever payed any attention to these topics. Secondly, because the numbers of Vain Endeavours continue to grow, the r...

A Visit to a Museum of The Tower

When I visit the Tower of London, there are several important things I would like to see. The main thing I want to do is visit the White Tower and see where the weapons are kept. I would also like to see where the prisoners stayed because I heard that sometimes you can still see or feel their spirits wandering around the Tower. I think it would be interesting to hear some of the Yeoman Warders sto...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dubai Museum

However, the location of the metro station can be a drawback as a result of hot summers and high chances of an individual losing their way towards the Dubai museum. A large proportion of people are very satisfied about what they have discovered in the museum and they would recommend Dubai museum to their friends and families as well as come back the museum for different purposes such as enjoyable,...

My Mega Mall Visit

For me he is really an artist. But above that, he is gifted with the ability to see things vicariously. With his palette and eyes for social details otherwise missed by the common man, he brings to life ponder able images of realities accepted by Filipinos yet questioned by some inner conscience. I really enjoyed the first time I visit a painting gallery which I didn’t done before in my life alt...

A Trip to the Mutter Museum

Furthermore, also in the Lower Gallery, another object that caught my attention was the plaster of the Siamese Twins Chang and Eng Bunker as well as their well-preserved livers, which were also conjoined. The condition of the liver was highly significant as it showed in detail exactly how joined organs of Siamese twins appear. Finally, also on exhibit was the huge ovarian cyst removed from a woman...

Holocaust Museum Experience

One must make a difference and create the necessary means and objectives in doing so. Also, I feel a deep respect for people. One must not be prejudicial and racist in approaching other people. We are a cultural diverse people. We may have different practices that are uncommon to ours. But in the end, this diversity should not be manifested in a negative manner. On the other hand, this diversity m...

The Country I Would Like To Visit

Moreover, London has a good public transportation system, underground and double-deck bus. I could go any places via the convenient underground and do sightseeing by bus. Another reason for my preference is that I would like to have deeper knowledge about the history and the culture of England and the English people because I really like this country. Besides, I would certainly visit the old Unive...

Art History Museum Paper

This sculpture is in the round and closed. It has no back rest or support. There are no spaces in the body and the arms are very close to the sides. The pose was very formal with weight put on both legs and facing a frontal direction. The figure is stylized. His face has very large, semicircular eyes and elongated lips. Also, he has broad shoulders and a very thin waist. His fist also appears to b...

Madonna of the Meadows

Particularly beautiful is the way the figures fill the curved shape of the lunette. The emotional complexity of the human mind is also involved in this painting. Each figure is individualized by being involved in its own thoughts. The overall look of the painting is dark. But there is also classical balance. The figures are balanced and relaxed. Hence, “Madonna of the Meadows” demonstrates Rap...

Buffalo Soldiers Museum

The origin of their nickname “Buffalo Soldiers” has been a matter of much debate. Among the most known and accepted assertions are that the nickname was given out of respect for the fierce fighting ability of the cavalry. Others assert that Native American Indians gave them this nickname because of the soldier’s dark and curly hair which looked like a bison or buffalo’s coat. Wherever the ...

Vmfa Museum Paper - Art History

Out of all of these artworks, I really enjoyed The Genius of the Dance, because I love the subject. If I could, I would definitely add it to my private collection. It is beautiful, and I think I am connected to it so much, because I was a dancer. Another one I enjoyed was The Judgment of Paris, by François-Xavier Fabre. I love the dramatic story behind it, and how it started the Trojan War. Also,...

Visiting Museums

On the other hand, the establishment of a particular museum like history, science, or oceanography is usually attached to educational purposes. As can be seen, school and university students and teachers are always the guests of museums because the places are where they can discover and obtain a large amount of information related to their studies and teaching. In addition, there are a number of s...

Museum of Natural History: Holden’s World

It had cuss words that offended him and made him angry. Because of the cuss word written on the wall, Holden faints. He faints because the one place he thought was “phony free” changed. This becomes the pinnacle of when Holden starts to realize things change. To sum up, the story Catcher in the Rye by J.D Sallinger shows many reasons on why the Museum of Natural History is the most important s...

Madame Tussaud's Museum-Descriptive Paper

But in order to enter Scream, your vocals chords have to be warmed up just in case you need to scream loud enough for someone to hear you. These scenes are set up by live actors, just in case someone things that wax figures could not be scary enough. All in all, Madame Tussaud's is an amazing museum because it allows the visitors, even if for a few hours, to be a part of a world they can only drea...

The White Cube Museum

In conclusion, it is important to note that both authors, Emma Baker and Carol Duncan attempt to critique the white cube’s concept of artworks that speak for themselves by employing neutrality to achieve the needed effect. Carlo Duncan approaches her criticism from the standpoint that rather than have museums with bare and unadorned walls, art exhibitions were designed to be  social spaces base...

Reaction Paper: Ayala and National Museum

Our beliefs, our natives, ancestors and many things related on what we are as a Filipino. It’s the fact that many of us didn’t appreciate what we are as a Filipino. Nowadays, we’re too obsessed in the culture of other countries which leads in forgetting our own. For me, as a Filipino, by the help of these museums strengthen my identity as a Filipino. Why? It is because these museums represen...

The Louvre museum

There is a service in the museum to solve this. This is in form of audio books. A visitor is expected to deposit 100 Euros or leave an ID on the counter when taking the audio book. The audio book itself has a cost to it. However if a visitor arrives in the afternoon to the museum he will find that all audio books have been already taken due to their high demand. However even the audio books may no...

Denver Art Museum

From the wood floors, to the tighter confines of the vicinity between each piece, and the amount of information provided for each exhibit, I felt like I walked away with a deeper appreciation for the art in this building. The Hamilton building gave a unique presentation of each exhibit, though. I enjoyed the abstract architecture -- although I don’t think it is very practical for a museum. The n...

"Cartoon Art Museum" Descriptive Essay

Visiting CAM made me realize that I was becoming complacent with the quality of my art and made me rethink how I found inspiration for my work. I had been lacking motivation, inspiration, and especially some guidance for a very long time and going there and seeing what inspired me when I was younger actually re-ignited my passion for art and reminded me that I chose to pursue a career as an artist...

Evolving Museum And Visitor Experiences Cultural Studies

During the 20th century architects tended to work closely with engineers on architectural projects, these relationships were formed to solve spatial problems with a functional response towards design. These relationships had the underlying issue that some architects refused to develop a self-directed aesthetic communication. This meant that architects held back on their subjective design approach ...

Art Museum Visit Reflection Paper

The third artwork which I want to write about in this narrative is not a painting but a temple. This temple was gifted by the government of the Republic of Egypt to United States in 1978. The original location of this temple was around Aswan dam on the river Nile. This temple was endangered by submersion due to construction of the dam and hence it was dismantled from its original location to save....

An Overview of the Museum of Tolerance During Our Museum Trip

I would strongly recommend everyone to visit the museum for the first hand experience on the survivors of the holocaust and other historical artifacts. Even though reading from textbook one can still learn on the experiences, the opportunity from the museum gives the viewers a chance to feel and relate it to events by creating a true sense of compassion. The virtual trip provided a cost effective ...

Establishing Knowledge through Preparing Museum Exhibition

This project museum can be carried out in the way that we the alchemist group will first gather information about the history of the Europe specifically the countries ( France, Spain, Italy, Greece, United kingdom, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, and Holy see) that we choose, the background of those countries, the economy and the unique inventions/things that it have. Second, we will enumerate th...

Queens Museum

Although this art model of New York City was constructed in the 1960s, architects still update it frequently. The Panorama of the City of New York is a realistic miniature model of New York City because of the detail and precision from the architectural work done by the Lester Associates, Rafael Vinoly Architects, and Grimshaw Architects. The art piece took a lot of effort and work to perfect whic...

The trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

To conclude the Bronze Statue of the emperor Trebonianus Gallus was a very significant statue for the time. It was well crafted with heavy meaning behind the art. The statue represents the emperor's strength in political influence at a very problematic time period for the Roman empire. The statue was created with bronze, and age well with some restoration. The statue also portrays hierarchical sca...

Museum Africa

The old municipal building, as well as the artisan quarters, which were once used to house the workers of the power station, can still be found in Newtown. These buildings do not only provide a unique example of a migrant workers compound in the Johannesburg inner- city, but also display the racial divisions between workers and the different living conditions that black and white workers were subj...

Rome in the Modern World

Drivers square Piazza Venezia in fight at mentor boycott Drivers square Piazza Venezia in fight at mentor boycott Much all the more stressing is the measure of time and cash spent in the city. The normal visitor in Rome goes through $155 every day: in Paris, it is $300. The normal vacationer burns through over two evenings in Rome: in London it is six. Just 15% of vacationer spend continues shoppi...

Salient Features Of The Brandhorst Museum In Munich Construction Essay

A simple pump method will be used for the groundwater control for the trench digging, there will be a sump excavated beyond and below trench digging and the H2O will be pumped from the sump inside the trench therefore enabling the workers to temporarily take down the H2O tabular array. As antecedently mentioned you can utilize a sump pump in concurrence with a caisson from groundwater control whic...

Universal Museum

Today, as successive polls demonstrate, the most profound challenges to the more anachronistic aspects of the museum’s inheritance come not from theorists or the academies, but from the museum’s core constituency – its visitors, its public. Whether the ‘universal museum’ will succeed in honourably discharging the public trust on the critical issues remains the great unanswered question f...

Ust Museum Visit

Also, the visit was quite interesting because here, you’ll learn things that most people never realize how colorful our culture is. It’s just disappointing that most of the students didn’t actually appreciate what knowledge they can absorb with is vast collection that can help them know themselves a Filipino. In conclusion, I think the museum should be livelier to the students so that not on...

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