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Murder: Crime and East West Highway Essay

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Nowadays lots of people commit crime, some of them steal, hack information other rape or kidnap but the most awful crime is to murder, society consider murdering the most aggressive act. In most countries people convicted of murder is given a long prison sentence and possibly a life time sentence and in some countries death penalty. In fact, there are many reasons that lead a person to murder which include psychological problems, mental illness, their past and passion First of all, most murders are people with psychological issues that lead them to commit such crimes.

ome of them do it just for the pleasure as seeing blood and people suffering makes them happy and people like these are without emotion and sensitivity, this case is considered as a disease called psychopath these criminal are cold-blooded, have no mercy, no feelings toward their victims they are capable to kill without any regrets. One criminal said: “that if rape were legalized, he wouldn’t do it, but he declared that he would certainly do something else that was just as exciting and forbidden and he identified his self as someone that thirst for excitement and a buildup at the expense of others.

No matter what the laws, mores, and customs of a particular society are, he will violate them and leave a trail of injury behind ’’. in addition ted Bundy a psychopath criminal said: “I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill. ” These people make their own decision and are pretty sure about it and do it as it was the right thing to do. Furthermore John Gacy, called his victims: “worthless little queers and punks,” while the “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe brashly declared that he was “cleaning up the streets” of the human trash. As if their act seems totally fair and killing these is people for the good of the society( Pincus, Jonathan H. What makes killer kill? N. Y: Norton and company. Inc. , 2001. Web. 11 June 2013. ) In the 19th century psychopath people were considered to be moral insane and with anti social behavior, lack of conscience and emotional vacuity.

Dealing with these criminal punishments rarely works with them because they are fearless of the consequences and impulsive by nature. Studies has shown that 60% of psychopathic had lost a parent, thus when he was a child he was deprived of love or nurturing, parents were divorced or absent, inconsistent discipline if the father was very strict and the mother was soft and gentle, the child earns to refuse authority and manipulate his mother. All these issues combined together can lead to psychopath people. In addition to psychopath criminals there are people with bipolar disorder. This issue was used constantly in the court to avoid capital punishment or life time sentence as the criminal claim to suffer from bipolarity and is considered as insane to avoid the consequences of his act. But lately the law refused to consider bipolar people as legally insane.

People suffering with bipolarity are people that when committing crime are unconscious about their act, and are known to have 2 different personality, one that fit with the value and norms of the society and act as a normal people but when anger and depression take place, an awful and aggressive personality appear and can lead the person the commit a crime due to shifts in mood, thinking, energy and behavior.

However the causes of bipolarity until now aren’t clear enough but it often runs in the family and begins with teenagers. As we notice the causes of bipolarity and psychopath are sometimes due to the child past. The childhood of a kid is very important, the environment where he was raised, how his parents raised him, if he had a proper education all these aspect forms a person personality.

In addition people with mental illness such as schizophrenia are people that hear voices in their heads, and hallucination is very common in their cases, this problem can lead to lose conscious and always be afraid especially when hearing voices coming out of their body and seeing unreal objects and people, by the time these people begin to believe unrealistic ideas and lots of other issues such as lack of affect, disorder thoughts …living a long time with this problem can confuse these people between the reality and the illusion that they are having leading them to suicide or killing people around them . urthermore some people suffer from what is called anti social personality disorder , usually when they are young these people are considered as shy ,and avoid interaction due to an intense fear of rejection . by growing up these people begin to feel really lonely and depressed and having social anxiety disorder that can lead them to murder .

As we mentioned a child past has a major role in building up a person personality, unfortunate lots of children are not given the proper education and grow with lack of social problems that lead them to murder and commit crimes later on such as child abuse and a miserable childhood. Many people were abused when they were children. In fact there are many causes that lead to child abuse such as poverty, marital discord ,domestic violence, social isolation …thus in some cases the parents don’t have the right education and skills needed to raise a child , providing bad parental model for future generations . n addition most violated and abused children are likely to have lack of problems such as anxiety , depression , truancy , shame and guilt and all these problems with time can lead to suicide or to a future criminal , a murder with no feelings no regret no emotions this child will engage later on in criminal activity , promiscuity and substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. ( National Association of School Psychologists. East West Highway: n. p. , 2011. N. page. Web. 11 June 2013) Furthermore the family structure is very important.

Children living only with their fathers were more likely to endure the highest incidence rates of physical abuse, emotional and educational neglect, also children that their parents were fighting all the time or separated these aspect influence a lot a young child and affect later on his social life negatively and by time the child growth hate and detest is all he know , seeing his parents fighting all the time lead him to act like that in the society fearless , with vengeance and no proper behavior , always break the rules have no manners and respect the norms and value of his society .

These kids with improper education are most likely to become murderers due to their miserable background and how they were treated. According to Diana J. English: “the stress that comes with poverty may predispose the parents to use corporal punishment that may lead to physical abuse”.

However in some cases the family status is pretty well organized, the child is raised in a good family and his parents want the best for him, but unfortunately the child affected by his environment, living in the suburbs with his delinquent friends that pressure on him, and force him to make foolish things, and break the rules like skipping school, steal from the shop especially that children like these are raised in a poor family and a miserable place.

In case like these the parents are not to blame they were giving him the right education but it’s his own choice that he made to live this life that he fined it exciting a life where he can do whatever he wants to, break the rules, ignore restraints and begin to lie to his parents and turn again his family, disrespect the norms and value of the society, with wicked and violent teenagers.

Many young boys and girls defy their parents begin to lie, and fight always with them . in cases like that the child as the criminal is a dynamic and ironic kid, seeks for the adventure, take risks and always fall in trouble, once forgiven this attitude and acts begin to happen constantly and always demand to be forgiven every time and refused to be punished or follow the rules.

No matter how hard his parents try to teach him the proper life style of a teenagers screaming and fighting take place all over the house. Most parents thinks that it could be an unstable stage were the teenager begin to discover his self, goes out, interact with the outside society and begin to have some liberty and make his own choices , hoping that this stage will end and their child will get back to reality and act properly . ut with the peer pressure and the environment where this child is living doesn’t help him too much in fact it makes things worse especially when parents begins to lose hope and try to make the impossible to stop their child of breaking the rules , reduce his pocket money , take his car away … but the child remain unaffected, unmoved as a result he begin to steal the car , steal money and enroll his self in criminal activities with his friends . he past of a child is very important; how the family status was ,if he received a good and proper education or not , where he lived , who were his friend , what problems he had …everything is related . Bad parenting and awful childhood can lead to a future criminal. Not to forget traumatized children is also a main cause that can affect children negatively and lead them to involve in criminal activities.

Children exposed to crisis events such as acts of violence or death of a friend or family member is an unusual situation to the kid and really affect him. Seeing the kid one of his parents dying in front of him shot by someone, car accident, and even sometime own suicide and in case of acts of violence for example a father that always beat his kids and wife would harm a lot the child personality and causes to an aggressive attitude later on.

The severe shock that the child was exposed to lead to lots of crying, confusion, anger, sadness, fear … in some cases those reactions are temporally but if he is left untreated these problems could affect the child negatively in the future and this anger and revenge in the child mind can involves him to murder. Moreover when people with a clean profile and background murder someone, that means crime of passion took place, this type of murder is usually unplanned, happens suddenly. It refers to a crime in which the erpetrator commits an assault or a murder, against someone because of a sudden strong impulse such as a jealous rage or heartbreak rather than as a premeditated crime. For example a man walks into his room and find on his wife and her lover having a relationship, anger and jealousy take place and then the man shoots them both. And sometimes due to ended relationship where one side is heartbroken and cannot accept the idea of his lover separated from him or with another person. As a famous quote say: “too much love can hurt you “that’s the case.

In addition another type of passion crime is passion of motherhood where a mother kills her husband that is willing to kill his daughter. In some countries women are useless and rejected from the society, and when a girl is born the man disappointed, hoping to have a boy so he can carry on the family business and inherit his property to him later on. The man try the kill his daughter and as a result his wife trying to stop him ended up by killing her husband this type of murder is called passion of a motherhood that is trying to protect her daughter .

Furthermore lots of crime rape end up by someone killed in case the women manage to kill the person who was trying to rape her its considered as passion crime of dignity to preserve her rights she was forced to murder. In fact, Texas is known as the highest rate of crime passion, however the juries sympathize most with crimes of passion, they take into consideration that the act of murder was due to a sudden shock, rage and jealousy and if there was no intent or planning killing the victim the charges dropped to man slaughter.

To sum up there are many reasons behind murdering, many crimes happen every day, but what are the causes behind these murders? Some criminals commit such crime just for the pleasure and thirst of excitement others do it unconsciously these types of people are considered people with mental illness and lots psychological problems such as psychopath, bipolarity and mental illness however in other cases such as passion the act of killing is spontaneous , unplanned due to jealousy, anger and heartbreak .

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