Murder At Music Festival Concept

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The day government should look back on itself .It was the second day of October 2017. Monday began as usual like any my other days. I woke up at 5:30 AM and prepared for a school after two days of the weekend. A last night was special because my family had a big party and my bestie stayed with me after that. Therefore, I had to wake him up. We decided to have some breakfast, there was also my dad. He was about to work early today.

It seemed to be great ad I felt ready to start my week with some upcoming tests. But things got worse after television news provided that several people had been killed after attending the Music Festival concept. My heart broke so hard and I suddenly felt scared about what just happened on this horrible night in Vegas.

It was unthinkable not only to me but also people in this country. My prayers and thoughts are with the victims and families of those who was affect by the incident.

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I got on the bus and went to school after that. I calmed myself down and my mind turned into work. At school, almost students during break and lunch time were discussing about that tragedy. Some people said it was committed by several people, others said there was only one attacker. After went back home from school, I left everything behind and quickly opened my computer to figure out what just happened in that Vegas nightmare.

I clicked on the new and I got details that I wanted to know.

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The BBC News stated that “the gunman- Stephen Paddock who was 64 years old at that time, lived in Nevada also. He set up the shooting at the crowd from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay. The first shot was fired at 22:05 PM and the last was at 22:15 PM. 58 people were killed and nearly 500 others injured”. Later on, the gunman had shot himself – confirmed by police. I had been shocked when I was reading this. Five minutes later, I called my mom. “A mass shooting occurred in Vegas last night. Have you contacted my grandpa and my uncle?”

“Everything was okay with them, nobody went to a festival. However, they said it looked like a war zone after the tragedy”- She calmly answer. “Thank God!” I turned my phone off, closed my door and silently thought about it. Just like mass shooting at a bar in Florida 2016 or any other mass shooting. A big question came to my mind as always “How does the shooting keep happening every year, every day and even second?”; “Am I helpless to the country’s problem?”. Few tears were shedding, the tears of sadness, but I knew that it was even harder for being family of those victims. Life is getting hardest when someone you love died

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