Murder and Mexican American Gangs

‘August 1, 1942, Eleanor was celebrating her 20th birthday. About 30 families had been invited to the weekend festivities and a four-piece band was a 22-year-old neighbor named JosГ© DГ­az.’ In August the 2, 1942, a homicide had taken place at the sleepy lagoon, the victim is (Roger Bruns. Zoot Suit Riots, 2014, p.g:13) Jose Diaz he was found lying face up in the middle of the road, barely breathing, bleeding from knife wounds, and his face was swollen, and his pockets turned inside out.

The media has launched attention directing Towards Mexican American boy gangs. ‘The police of Los Angeles had arrested 600 people that had a Spanish surname they also did not even put the Downey boys on the suspect list, even knowing that they had been uninvited/intruders in Delgadillo party but had been involved in a clear case of assault at the Sleepy Lagoon. (Roger Bruns. Zoot Suit Riots, 2014, p.g:15) This was not merely an investigation into the murder of JosГ© DГ­az but a major raid of the Mexican-American community.

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Apart From those who were rounded up were Louis Encinas and Lorena, who had attended a party that night near Sleepy Lagoon. Louis was interviewed and released, while Lorena Encinas was arrested and put into jail for not cooperating with the authorities.

Three were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, nine were convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced ‘five-to-life’, The other five defendants were convicted of assault. Five additional defendants received separate trials and were found not guilty.

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servicemen assigned to defend the Pacific coast.’ Many of the servicemen were also assigned at the ‘Naval Reserve Armory in Chavez Ravine’.

Most of the confirmation transpired between mostly by white servicemen who had spent their time on departure in Los Angeles by liquoring up. For the Pachuco or Chicano youth, who had adorned themselves with the popular zoot suits of the time. Which had made people mad at the Pachuco and Chocano because During this time they had to save on resources like fabric etc.

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