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Mumbai or Bombay Essay

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Mumbai or Bombay

In real life, Bachchan denied all allegations of an affair that exists between him and Rekha but the latter had less disavowal in her system. She was more open although not explicitly with the relationship that he has with the Indian icon. Jaya also admitted that girls were a problem with Bachchan but she did not elaborate on his affairs. Bachchan reiterated in an interview that Rekha was just his leading lady and nothing else (cited in Mishra 140). The other two the Mishra talked about were his near death experience while filming the movie Coolie and the Bofors controversy.

During the period that he was in the hospital fighting death and trying to survive, life in India seem to have been brought to halt. Temple houses and mosques were filled with people trying to offer prayers for the fast recovery of their beloved star. The Prime Minister then, his friend Rajiv Gandhi, cut his international trips to see him. The kind of emotion Amitabh has evoked among Indians across the globe is absolutely phenomenal, said film director Ramesh Sippy (Chopra n. pag). To reiterate, Mishra (146) said that no correlation should be made between Bachchan’s failure as a politician and the flop of his comeback movie.

According to the author, Bachchan’s return in the film industry and the people’s cold reaction to the movies that he made is not the direct effect of the Bofors deal. Bachchan’s waning as a star can only be attributed to the return of romance in Indian films, something which the actor did not patronize. After his comeback movie, Bachchan became the host of “Who wants to be a millionare? ”. This undertaking proved successful for him as he was able to woo many Indians to watch his show. Movie theaters have adjusted the screening of their movies in order to accommodate the program time of Bachchan’s game show.

Moreover, he has also tried acting in other genres like comedy and drama and he also proved triumphant in these fields. It only goes on to say that the king of Indian films has regained his thrown. Aside from going back to the film industry, he has also invaded the advertising industry. He is the most sought after promoter of products such as clothing among others. The Indian icon, now in his 60’s, remain to be active and show no signs of slowing down. Many Indians still look up to him despite his age not only because of his legendary achievements but also because of the way he plays his age. In a BBC new report (n. pag.), it was stated that Bachchan has made aging cool.

He acts his age and yet he still manages to go with the flow of modern times, something which only a few could do. More than his acting career, Bachchan is extraordinary for his attitude towards life. Despite the failures he faced and the narrow roads he walked through, he still manages to get up everytime and continue where he left of. He does not allow any fiasco to pull him to the ground level and never get up again. He also has established a certain charm with the Indian people that they keep on accepting him despite his failures and continuously gives him the chance that he needs.

Without this charm, he would have had a hard time bringing back the luster of his name in the face of all the controversies that he had been through. Today, he continues to live up his image as the legend of Indian television. It must be remembered that Bachchan’s influence in the movies in India is remarkable because he defied the odds at a time when everyone was into romance. Through his acting abilities he was able to change the genre of the themes in Indian movies and provided variety.

Without him, there would have been no variety in the Bollywood films and the film makers would have just stuck with the traditional portrayal of a character in the movie. He introduced innovation and experimentation in Indian movies. His significance as an actor and influence to the Indian populace is indelible because of the great contribution that he made in the movies and also because of the way his movies shaped the minds of the people. From the early 70’s until the 90’s he was the only actor who was patronized by the Indian people.

It seemed that he was the only actor then existing thus the title, “one man industry”. It would take a really brilliant man and a well-skilled actor to be able to dominate the film industry which is considered to be the biggest in the world and holds a record high of movies produced annually in the world (MSN Encarta onlone encyclopedia n. pag. ). To date, India is the country which has the highest number of movies produced annually registering 800 movies a year (Chopra n. pag). Only a few people could exert such an influence in a such a big industry.

Films to the Indian people is very important and well patronized because to them, cinema is not just entertainment. It is all about passion. Since the dawn of film production in the country, the entertainment industry has produced 27,000 films in 52 languages. Everyday, people in India flock the 13,000 movie houses in the country and enjoy the song and dance that the movies offer (Chopra n. pag). Many of the films that Indians produce come from the factories of Mumbai or Bombay. The film industry in Bombay is what is known was Bollywood it is India’s Hindi film capital and the home of ten sprawling studios.

The movies that are produced in this part of India have ranging budgets, some start big time amounting to five million dollars while the others have to content themselves with a meager fund of fifty-thousand dollars and create the movie within ten to fifteen days. Many parts of India are also flustering with movie producers but nothing could still match Bollywood, the industry where Bachchan established his name. Bollywood according to Chopra has a wider audience reaching to Indians who are scattered across the globe and the stars are considered gods. (Chopra n.pag. ).

Through the years, many changes have also been undertaken in the Hindi films. It has leaped giant steps in terms of the technical production but its themes are leaping like babies, one small step at a time. The themes that it used to foster traditionally remain to be evident in Hindi films. (Chopra n. pag). This only shows that Hindi films can hardly be infiltrated and changed overnight as they are influenced by culture and tradition and it took a really powerful man such as Bachchan to have changed the twist of Indian films for a certain period in history.

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