Multinational corporations Essay

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Multinational corporations

Different writers are motivated by different things in their writing. In most cases life experiences, witnesses and exposure acts as a driver that urges one to enlighten the rest of the community about a given issue. In his book “Next Stop Reloville” Peter Kilborn, focuses on a special segment of people among the families that move in order to maintain or keep their job. These are the families that represent the middle and the upper management and they are described on the impact of their movement on the dynamics the family.

Throughout his approach, he focuses on the aspects of the families’ lives and its relationship to their movement. For instance he provides one of the reasons relating to their movement to be due to the pressure to comfort where families seek new homes in new neighborhoods due to high resale value of the present homes. This thus creates discomfort to the families and hence they get thrilled to look for new homes outside their present locations.

Kilborn therefore, takes us into the interior parts of America to see the lives of the American Relos and thus showing how the existing pressures and their effect on their own families and also the whole American community. The Relos that Kilborn describes include first the hard striving class that is continuously migrating in the suburbs of Dallas and Atlanta and also the expatriate villages of Bombay and Beijing. He shows the costs and the loneliness issues that engulf their lives and also he notes how the free fall in the housing prices affects their movement hence making them less mobile (Kilborn, 2009, 31).

The Relos’ ways of life is seen to have a negative effect on the affected communities. They do not plan to stay for a long duration of time and because of this they do not get involved in any charitable causes, but on the other hand they have an effect on the real estate. Since they do not bother in bargaining and the fact that their employees keep money for their move, they are prone to driving the home prices up. Therefore, as they move from state to state they create a portable culture that has an effect in the American society at large.

The effect of the Relos on the American society can be seen on the case of the subdivisions of Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Dallas. This is where there is an unusual similarity in the houses layout. There are some little houses that cost a million dollars and above and the fact about this place is that no one lives in them for about three to four years. This place represents the home of the Relos where there is the existence of the middle level growing companies.

Their existence depends on those willing to uproot their families for the sake of professional success thus living in a social class of insecure and travelling families. The families are driven by one person who is usually the father of the house. There is an experienced movement of people from home due to the change in economy and as many places becomes industrial centers. Many parents are prone to giving their family ties and move to town to remain as a single unit.

As the Relos keep on moving, their family becomes unable to move with them thus leading to their separation from their families (Kilborn, 2009, 38). There are also some broader effects of this kind of lifestyle on the American society. The Relos shape and define the neighborhoods as they exert the multiplier effect on the face of the local communities. This is done by their acts of buying and selling homes within a small duration of less than three to four years thus providing better business for the home owners by selling to the people who come to stay in the town.

The issue of homes brings about many effects on the public policy. Some of the effects of this include the insufficiency of the walk-able downtowns, the exclusion of the high income and low income housing, and the high degree of segregation of income. There is also a reported degree of the effects on the isolation of poverty in the United States. This is because they are known to be the well paid personalities of many of the international companies who sometimes collect markets that offer transportation facilities for the employers into multinational corporations.

They take up the larger portion of the America’s national income thus promoting poverty. Therefore, the Relos have so far been blamed for the increase in the increase in the prices of houses in towns thus affecting the American citizens’ ability to live and pay for the houses at their prevailing normal prices. They are also being blamed for increasing the level of poverty in the country by taking most of the jobs that should have remained for the non-relocating citizens who are in contact with their families (Kilborn, 2009, 76).

On the side of the family structure, there has been experienced a breakdown in the family ties thus leaving the families leading a loneliness life which is unsecured by the family members. Finally, the political structure of the American community is being affected due to the instability of the family structures. All these circumstances are being supported from the author’s views on the Relos life in the United States. Bibliography Kilborn, Peter, T. 2009. Next stop, Reloville: Life Inside America’s new Rootless Professional Class. New York: McMillan Publishers

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