Multiculturalism and America’s identity Essay

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Multiculturalism and America’s identity

I think multiculturalism strengthens America’s identity

By allowing other from other countries come here, accepting them as US citizens, giving the opportunities that we have here in the US that they may not have in their own countries. Many other countries do not have a lot of the freedoms as we do, and allowing and accepting multiculturalism we are showing the world we are a fair and caring country that is open minded to giving others chances and breaks in their lives that they can get within their own country.

Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures, where people from different religious backgrounds, countries and tradition are given equitable status in schools, neighborhood, cities and nations. This has given rise to multiculturalism here in America.

It has brought a change of social layers, but also made the citizen enjoy equal rights and liberty. It has given us a chance to learn things about other countries, their traditions, religious beliefs, and cultures.

Multiculturalism in the US has definitely shown positive aspects and is still supporting a large number of immigrants, who have come here received great education and many have opened their businesses.

The only downfalls I see are language barriers, I strongly believe if one lives in the United States they should speak English, it does create some issues in regards to communication. And that many people are not open minded enough to allow others enjoy the freedoms that we do here in the United States, there are many people that feel when people from other countries come here they take away from US citizens.

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