Multi-professional cadet scheme Essay

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Multi-professional cadet scheme


You work on behalf of agencies that support the families and carers of individuals with particular physiological disorders and have been asked to produce a poster presentation for two different disorders which will be supported by notes. Also provide a written piece that assesses the possible difficulties with diagnosis for your 2 chosen disorders.

Task 1

Produce a poster presentation which:

1. Explains the nature of two named physiological disorders. (P1) 2. Explains the signs and symptoms related to two named physiological disorders (P2) 3. Describe the investigations that are carried out to enable the diagnosis of
your two chosen physiological disorders. What measurements and investigations are appropriate to your chosen disorders? (P3)

Task 2
Produce a written piece that:
1. Assesses possible difficulties in the diagnosis of disorders from their signs and symptoms for both physiological disorders. Looking at primary information, what problems can arise in making a final diagnosis from the presentation of the signs and symptoms? (M1)

Further Guidance:
Which Disorder will you choose for your first case study?
You will need to think about both the type of disorder and the individual. If you choose a disorder that a friend or family member has, and you aim to use primary research to help you, then you might need to spend time with that individual. You will need to consider confidentiality at all times, so never include photographs, clinical reports and images such as x-rays films and scans. How will you show sensitivity to the feelings of people living with the disorder? Bear in mind that the disorder won’t go away once you have finished your case study. For P1: Do you feel that you have an understanding of each disorder? Try to collect information together in order, under the following headings: The causes

Physiological changes as a result of the disorder
Overall changes
Physiological changes as a result of the treatment.
The factors influencing the development of the disorder.

For P2:

What is likely to make a person go to their GP in the first place? Did the GP notice signs that the patient had not noticed?
What signs and symptoms develop later?
Remember to make a presentation for TWO different disorders

For P3:
You will need to research how each investigation was carried out to enable a diagnosis. It would be useful to identify the potential of modern methods of diagnosis, such as CT and MRI scans, even though the equipment was not available or called upon in your primary research. For M1:

Some disorders (such as MS and Alzheimer’s disease) are notoriously difficult to diagnose, especially in the early stages. Initially, diagnosis may be made by eliminating other disorders with similar signs and symptoms. On the other hand, coronary heart disease and diabetes can be diagnosed more easily, although there are always some patients who are difficult to diagnose. If you have chosen coronary heart disease for your investigative study, you will learn that some patients in later adulthood do not display the characteristics signs of a heart attack. Small strokes can have confusing effects and in elderly people can prove challenging to diagnose. Likewise, people with MS may display symptoms for only a short while and then have a remission lasting for many years, or never have another occurrence. (M1)

Other Information:

You must use a range of sources to obtain your information. These sources must be considered academic sources (please do not use wikis and non-scientifically supported sites or articles).

You must reference the sources of information you have used to complete your work. All referencing must conform to the Harvard System of referencing. References should either be given in the body of the work and as a separate bibliography at the end of your work. Remember to reference all illustrations.

Complete all tasks to your best standard; avoid copying of text straight from textbooks or other sources as this amounts to plagiarism, which results in failing the assignment.

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