Mulan & Story Essay

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Mulan & Story

This story is based on the Chinese legend whose name is Mulan. I am going to write a short story about her life. Mulan is a loveable girl. But she didn’t fit in with Chinese tradition because she was clumsy. Also she has a bad habit of speaking her mind and following her heart which gets her into a lot of trouble. Mulan’s parents send her to the matchmaker who sees if she is ready to marry. But Mulan failed miserably because she was clumsy. She has a guardian dragon, Mushu, and a lucky Cricket, who travel with her.

When the Huns attack China, the Chinese emperor ordered each member of the family including Mulan’s family to fight in the battle. So Mulan’s father had to fight because in china women’s weren’t allowed to fight. Mulan feared her father’s life so she secretly watched her father as he moved his sword. Within a few moves of swinging the sword he fell down to the floor. Since she realized that he was too weak to fight, she secretly stole his sword, armor, and the ordered scrolls during the night.

Then she disguises herself as a man, and takes her father’s place and joins the army. The captain of Mulan’s military unit is Shang, who is the son of a General. Shang leads his troops into battle and challenges the Huns. It didn’t take long to realize that their army was outnumbered. While the hunts ran forward to attack Mulan’s army, a taught emerged in Mulan’s mind that was to fire the last cannon on the top of the mountain which was close to the Huns’s army.

While Mulan was fulfilling her plan the leader of the Hunt’s army who was close to her tried to stop her but Mulan successfully managed to fire the last cannon on the top of the mountain. Even though he wasn’t able to stop her, he managed to wound her. Since the cannon hit the top of the mountain it caused an avalanche. So the Huns’ was buried in the snow. But during the avalanche Shang, and Mulan’s pet were about to die. But she saved herself and the caption, and her pets by the help of the soldiers.

5. Her family was so happy to see her. Her father was frail, but alive. Her brother had grown into a wonderful young man. Without regret, Mulan give her warrior’s clothes to her little brother, and dressed in the clothes of a woman. They could hardly believe their eyes when Mulan answered. Her story spread across China, to inspire young girls everywhere. If you love enough and have courage enough, you can accomplish anything, no matter how impossible it might seem to others.

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