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Muhammad Bilal (England) BSAF-IIA

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Essay, Pages 9 (2110 words)



Essay, Pages 9 (2110 words)


England is an island have a strong protection with water, NO one can conquer England from last 1000 years. England ruled by many European tribes i.e. (Vikings, Normans), French conquer England in 1056 A.D and made London as the capital city. The economy of England is one of the largest economy of world mostly consists on manufacturing and service sector and also agriculture, fishing, banking, tourism, aircrafts.

England has the parliament form of Government. England is famous for his long history, royal family, castle and historic houses, educational institutes like oxford and Cambridge, and also for many famous personalities.

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England is the founder of many international games GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION The location of England is Western Europe. England is a major part of UK (United Kingdom).Neighbor countries are Ireland, Wales and Scotland that are also part of UK (Unit ed Kingdom) who governs all these countries include England. England is the largest division of UK in population. England is sur- rounded by North Sea, Irish Sea and Celtic Sea.

Most of England is rolling hills. Total area of England is (1 30,421 sq. km). POPULATION The country England is a part of UK. It shares vales, North Island and Scotland that s why UK is mostly called Great Britain.

According to census of 2019, the population of England is 66,956,016. Largest cities by population are London, Leeds, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, New Castle, Liv- erpool, Manchester and Birmingham . London is the highest populated city of EUROPEAN UNION. England is equal to 0.87% of the total world population.

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England ranks as 21 st in the most populated countries. In England, The median age (age distribution) is 40.3 years. LOW CO NTEXT CULTURE Low Context Culture refers to a culture where everything is spoken directly and clearly defined. In low context culture meanings are not hidden. People follow rules and regulations and are task oriented. In western European roots like England has generally low context culture.

In England, Relationships begin and end quickly. Social structure is not localized. Privacy is important. Time is most important element. (One s time is one s own). NATIONAL CULTURAL VARIABLES Culture shows the behavioral characteristics of a group. When you send a message to a person who lives in any other country, you need to know about him or his culture. Knowing someone s culture especially who is living in any other city or country can be v ery useful in running a business with him/her. EDUCATION: As communication relates with education. A person who is well educated can communi- cate in a better way. In British, education is required between 6 -7 years age. After sitting in the exams of General Certificate of Sec- ondary Education (GCSE), students either find a job or go for secondary education until 18. Oxford Univeristy is the number one university all over the world. LANGUAGE: National and Official Language of England is Engl ish. English is th e most widely spoken language in the world. It is spoke n by 92.30% of their population and by close to 450 million people around the globe. English speaking or writing in England and U.S has some differences which also affects the communication. SOCIAL NORMS: Britishers usually use a knife and fork to eat food. People cover their mouths, when they yawn in public. They usually shake their hand in the first meeting People often kiss on the cheek of a good friend during the greetings. People stay on the le ft side of the ro ad while driving.

People usually say sorry, when they knock on the door of something. They leave their seats to old or disabled people. Th ey wait in queues at stores, bus stops, and movie theaters. RELIGION: If people who are communication have the same religion so sometimes it becomes easy for them to send or receive messages and to do business together. Because they know well that how they can per- suade their customers. In England different religions can be find. Church and state are closely inter- twined in England, unlike in the United States. About 60 percent of England’s population are members of the Church of England. Islam is followed by 4.4% of their population. 25.7 % of their population do no t follow any Religion. Politics: England s political structure comprises a constitutional monarchy and a parliament. Kingdom contin- ued till 1707 after that Kingdom ceased to exist as a sovereign state.


Citizen elect a legislature body called a parliament to represent their interest and carry out their will. Since 1707, England has been ruled directly by the parliament. The House of Commons is the lower house of the British Parliament. This is situated in the Palace of Westminster. The House of Commons comprises 532 Members of Parliament for constituencies in England.

The Parliament is run by a Prime Minister.


The monarch is the head of state or nation but limited in power and must w ork in conjunction with the parliament. The ruler is currently Queen Elizabeth II.


The state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money. The economy of England based on agricultural until the 18th century, but during the Industrial Revolution , in 18 th and 19 th centuries, it evolve d slowly into a highly industrial and de- veloped region . Industrial declined in the late 20th century which caused the virtual collapse of coal mining and dramatic job losses in iron and steel production, shipbuilding, and textile manufacturing . The decline of these industries hurt the econom y. By the beginning of the 21st century, England s economy was firmly dominated by the service sector, nota bly banking and other financial services, retail, distribution, media and entertainment, education, health care, hotels, and restaurants. It is also based on Agriculture, forestry, and fishing, Major Crops, Live Stock, Forestry .

Tourism is also one the biggest economic factor for England. There are several places in Engl and which people like to visit. Some key points are . England uses British pound sterling as currency . England has 6 th largest national Eco nomy in the world (measured by G DP) . GDP of Engla nd is 2.4 trillion Unemployment is currently falling at record level. The percentage of unemployment is 6.00 (1.96 million).


It is illegal to give alcoholic drink to children except in medical condition. According to one rule under 18 have not allowed to purchase alcoholic drinks. You are no allowed to carry a knife in public placed . If the house or any personal property is used for the business the owner will have to pay the tax. If you are working from home you will require public insurance liability .

Under 18 are not allowed to buy tobacco . Attacking others because of their gender, disability, sexuality, race or religion can be evicted from their homes, fined, be subject to Anti -Social Behavior Orders or put in prison. Also there are some employment laws like : Minimum wage Leave Redundancy and termination of employment Pensions Consumer laws suggest that any product that consumer purchase should be: as described of satisfactory quality fit for purpose


Benjamin Frankin said that Time is money. But according to Jim Rghn Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time. The value of time can be seen from Britian people because British people are very rigorous when it comes to time and punctuality. They make a great effort to arrive o n time, so it is considered impolite to be late even for few minutes because they believe Time management is life management.


Manners are the basic building blocks of civil society.

Some of ethical values of British people are discussed below -:


In first meeting they are formal but in reality they are sociable. Very friendly and helpful to foreigners. Shake hands when they are introduced. Use last name and appropriate tittles. Appropriate response to an introduction is pleased to meet you.


The culture of gifting in England is considered as an old tradition which make relations strong and increase love among them. Appreciable gifts are chocolates, flowers, cakes, sweets, jewelry.


In England people try to use diplomacy means they use tactful way during communication. They use coded language to make sure what they say is positive not negative. FOOD : The most preferable dishes are the English breakfast, Fish and Chips. As England has become hybrid cultural so all types of food is tasted within the country among them Curry has become the nation s favorite dish. SPACE : During communication they prefer a fair amount of personal space. Hence they maintain an arm length s distance . DRESS : British people do not have any national dress they wear different dresses according to different events.

People used to wear Tweed, suits and bowler hats. They also wear jacket, coat and footwear. DECISION MAKING: Decision making is the process of selecting something individually or with group. British people take decision among groups including some really active participants . In groups decision may take time but they do not lengthen it too much.


In this type of communication sharing of ideas takes place through speech. In England it is 35%. It is used through differ ent ways. During communication humor is used to lighten the conversation. They are self -deprecating and civilized listener, they do not interrupt unless they need any clarification. NON -VERBAL COMMUNICATION: The symbolic behavior in which messages are exchanged through expressions. In this type of commu- nication listener hears which is even not being said. In England it is 65%. British people use different gestures to understand different type of emotions su ch as V-sign is used for victory. Thumbs up is the signal to indicate everything is ok and thumbs downs when there is any rejection or disapproval. Finger snap is the sign when person sudden remember something. If he/she does it repeatedly, it means he/she is trying to remember something.


British people have a great reputation for followings rules, providing their cultural awareness, and treating foreigners in a polite manners. They arrange their meetings around 10 A.M, and they are very punctual, Whole staff always come on time or 5 minutes before meeting start. When meeting someone for the first time, most managers will give some advance information about the company you represent, that will increase the understanding and knowledge about company. British people are reserved as compared to other Europeans. British people always respect people s personal space and maintain a respectful distance.


When you know a person, it becomes easy to communicate with him. In England around 90 -95 percent people speak English as their first language but there are other languages like wales, Irish, Gelic, and Cornish. If one business man wants to communicate with someone who is living in the England so it is important for him to be good in English. About 60% people of England are followers of Christianity but others religion are also have noticeable amount of followers like the big part of Jewish .community live here and also the followers of Sikhism, Hinduism and Muslims . The pe ople of England are punctual they follow rules and stand patiently in queue so it is good to be punctual as well while doing business or any other activity with them . One arm s length is must between talking being close to talk is taken as aggressive and uncomfortable act , it is good to keep distance while talking with them .

Words like thank you and sorry are the part of daily communication. They have huge amount of respect for their elders and disables. They are not comfortable with extended eye contact. In England some strict laws are implemented regarding business. There is difference between welcome a close friend and other people. They are very addicted to fishes and chips. When you are talking to an English person is it good to be very polite and low in voice because t hey like low or moderate tone of voice. Their clothing are very similar with western societies. T hey took time in taking decision and their decisions are based on the group suggestions . They are good in group discussion which improves the ir skill of communication.


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