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Early Life and Education of Muhammad Ali
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Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25th of December, 1876 in Karachi, Pakistan. At the time of his birth, Jinnah’s official name was Mahomed ali Jinnah bhai. The eldest of his parents seven children, he was under weight and appeared fragile at the time of his birth. Jinnah was ten years old when he went to Gokhul Das Tej Primary school, in Bombay. After one year returned to Karachi and for further studies he get admission in Sindh Maddrassah High…...
AsiaEducationGovernmentLifeMuhammad Ali
R- Kelly ‘ The worlds greatest’
Words • 639
Pages • 3
The first video watched by my class was R- Kelly ' The worlds greatest'. You can tell from the title of the song that it is about Muhammad Ali who was known as being the world's greatest boxer of all time. The song was written in conjunction with the new film releasing soon called Ali, which is about the boxing life for him. Throughout the music video there are flashbacks to when Muhammad Ali used to box and him knocking…...
BoxingMuhammad AliWorld
Muhammad Ali
Words • 1330
Pages • 6
This paper chronicles the life and achievements of Boxer, Muhammad Ali.The greatest mystery of the 1996 Olympic summer games in Atlanta, was solved at 28 minutes past midnight the day of the opening ceremony. The crowd erupted when the Olympic torch was passed to Muhammad Ali. The Olympic gold medal boxer Muhammad Ali lifted the torch and trembled before a crowd screaming 'Ali'. He then sent the fire soaring high above the stadium to ignite the ceremonial Olympic cauldron. This…...
BoxingMuhammad Ali
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This biography will include the following events of Fatima Jinnah’s lifeEarly LifeCareer
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Pages • 6
This biography will include the following events of Fatima Jinnah's life: Early Life. Career & Work. Political Life. Death.Early Life:Fatima Jinnah was born on July, 30 1893 at Newnham Road in Karachi, British India. She was the youngest among her seven siblings. Her father named Jinnah Poonja was a merchant of Karachi. Among her siblings, she resembled with her brother Muhammad Ali Jinnah who became her guardian after the death of her father in 1901. After informal schooling at home…...
BiographyCareerKarachiMuhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s success as a distinguished Indian politician whom campaigned efficaciously
Words • 1198
Pages • 5
Muhammad Ali Jinnah's success as a distinguished Indian politician, whom campaigned efficaciously for Pakistan's independence as a nation, as well as became its first leader was a result of a combination of numerous social, economic and political factors. Well-regarded as Pakistan's 'Great Leader' or also often referred to as 'Quaid-I Azam', Jinnah was one of the Significant individuals contribute(d) to change' to a high extent, due to making a long-lasting impact on Pakistan's history and the overall surrounding nations that…...
IndiaMuhammad AliPoliticianSuccess
My Hero-Muhammad Ali David Ramsey 10A
Words • 1100
Pages • 5
My hero is Muhammad Ali who first came into the public eye as Cassius Clay when he won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960. In 1964 he stunned the boxing community with his defeat of Sonny Liston, the heavyweight champion, and shocked the world yet again when he changed his name to Muhammad Ali after the fight. During the Vietnam war he was ordered to go and fight but he refused on religious grounds, but…...
BoxingHeroMuhammad Ali
Causes of Conflict between India and Pakistan
Words • 1758
Pages • 8
INTRODUCTION            The history of Pakistan as an independent country started in 1947. This event happened when Great Britain’s subcontinent India was divided into two regions, and the partitioned part is known today as the countries of Pakistan and India. The separation is the start of a series of changes due to the formation of the All-India League in 1906 in seeking political rights for Muslims. The main person behind the forcing of the separation was Mohammed Ali Jinnan who…...
IndiaMuhammad AliPakistanPolitics
My Hero In History
Words • 570
Pages • 3
“A hero is a man who does what he can.” (Romaine Rolland) The true definition of hero is a man of distinguished valour. Bravery, courage, boldness, daring, resolute, and aptitude in war are a hero’s characteristics. However, a hero is understood to be different to everyone. “The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” (Benjamin Disraeli) Some of them are born, others are made. Many are still living while many others have long been gone. Important dates and events are usually marked red in the calendar to remind us of their birth or death anniversary. During the…...
HeroKarachiMuhammad AliMy Favourite Hero In HistoryMy heroesTrue Heroism
Muhammad Ali: Hero or Villain?
Words • 2440
Pages • 10
Muhammad Ali will be remembered long after his death. Considered by many to be the greatest boxer ever to step in the squared circle, Ali was blessed with the speed, power and stamina to become the world's heavyweight champion. Ali was also no stranger to controversy throughout his career as many have praised him for his actions whilst many have criticised and condemned him. Ali, even over twenty years after his retirement from the sport that gave him fame, he…...
HeroMuhammad AliVillains
Courage in the Face of Difficulty
Words • 1627
Pages • 7
We all have a predefined notion of what courage is, whether it be facing our fears, standing up for a personal belief, or sticking up for another person who may be getting picked on. Whatever definition an individual may have for courage, there probably is some sort of emotion that sparks from their heart. In fact, the Latin word for courage is coraticum. The root cor, literally means heart. So the word coraticum is directly translated as, “an action that…...
BraveryCourageMuhammad Ali
Women Empowerment by Pakistan Government
Words • 977
Pages • 4
Women empowerment " No country can rise to the height of magnificence unless your women are side by side with you; we are victims of wicked customizeds. It is a criminal offense versus mankind that our ladies are stopped talking within the four walls of your homes as detainees. There is no sanction anywhere for the awful condition in which our females need to live."-- Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 1944 Women empowerment refers broadly to the growth of liberty of choice…...
EmpowermentGovernmentMuhammad AliPakistanWomen Empowerment
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Words • 314
Pages • 2
Early Life Muhammad Ali Jinnah born on 25th December 1876 at Wazir Mansion Karachi. His father's name was Ponja Jinnah. He got admission in Sindh Madrissah High School in 1887 and got admitted in Mission High School from where he passed matriculation. His father on the advice of his friend and business partner Sir Fredrick Lee Craft wished to send him to England to get business experience. But Jinnah was interested to become a barrister. Jinnah in England As per…...
Muhammad Ali
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Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s success as a distinguished Indian politician whom campaigned efficaciously
...Muhammad Ali Jinnah's success as a distinguished Indian politician, whom campaigned efficaciously for Pakistan's independence as a nation, as well as became its first leader was a result of a combination of numerous social, economic and political fac...

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