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MTV Networks International Essay

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MTV Networks International remained to be the network to beat—years after their launched, they continued to become one of the most globally accepted TV network. They have experienced a little downfall when foreign countries like Germany offered a localized version of the same entertainment genre but after acknowledging their loss and its cause, they repackaged themselves and began thinking globally and acting locally. They have again succeeded but along the success is the social responsibility their influence entails.

Critics said they have a lot of westernize content in their programs and this will bear negative effects to the teens in developing countries.

MTV management however, refuted the idea. Introduction MTV Networks International reinvented its programming approach years after they have dominated the entertainment market across the globe. Rather than producing the same shows for every audience in every country they operate on, they now have local versions. When MTV launched MTV Asia, the shows programming is somewhat patterned to the preferences of Asian locals and to make it even more convincing, they hired local vee-jay’s.

The result is good and once again, they have gotten back the edge they lost over Germany’s Viva network and the likes. Nonetheless, they are still being criticised because a huge majority of their content remained to have a lot of western influence and according to critics, this is not good especially to the developing countries. MTV however, brushed off the idea and nonchalantly said it’s all for fun. Were they right on their strategies and decisions? This study intends to find out. Is it a case of one size fits all for the youth sector?

Launching a ‘one size fits all’ marketing strategy is not applicable to every product even those that caters to the needs and likes of the youth sector. A lot of things have to be considered when it comes to assessing target markets and these include culture, taste, and most importantly, financial capability. These factors vary from coast to coast. American teenagers for example, would find it a casual thing to wear two-piece swimsuits in the beach whereas majority of those who were raised in a more conservative culture like those from Asia would prefer a more old fashioned cut beachwear.

Likewise, when Kentucky Fried Chicken launched its franchise worldwide, it has made changes on their menu offerings. In Japan, they offered tempura; in Poland, they offered croquettes. The change on their marketing model is largely to conform to the local preferences and therefore, compete effectively with its local counterparts. This is the same with the glocalization of MTV. They initially succeeded on penetrating the global market because they do not have competitors; they are the first of its kind.

However, when local channels catering to the same genre started to spout, they began losing their edge. This is because their local competition program models are more tailored fit to the preferences of viewers. For instance, countries whose first language is not English would rather have a vee-jay who can speak their local dialect. These are the reasons why decades after Ted Levits of Harvard Business School forecasted that companies would soon be internationally marketing their products in the same manner, only a handful of globally acknowledged business entities has thrived well to globalization.

Some companies still have to tweak their practices in order to suit the tastes and preferences of their intended market. Some may have been successful like Microsoft and IBM products but that’s only because their products serve a need that is the same in any part of the world. For instance, people in America will be using computers in the same manner that people in Asia will be using it, thus making the need alike. The same cannot be said though to other businesses. Are there dangers in broadcasting U. S style programs and ads to developing countries?

Indeed, we cannot deny that media is by far the greatest agent of change in the society and the sector that it has influenced the most is the youth. As they say, whatever the TV shows, the audience agrees. MTV, being one of the most globally accepted TV networks, has created a significant influence in the cultural behaviour of the youth. In most cases, it declares what is hip and what is in. In their own advertisement, MTV acknowledged that they are not just a channel—they are a cultural force. When MTV introduced the pop culture, anything that signifies pop be it from music to clothing exploded.

Does it make teens identify less to their societies? Eventually, it will. The day to day influence it will create to its viewers will eventually form new collective consciousness and therefore, new norms which will later on cause new socio-cultural behaviour patterns. But are their dangers in exposing third-world countries to U. S. style programs and therefore influencing teens to want products that they cannot afford? Hardly. Media are merely exposing them to the other realities of life; of the other things available for them on the other part of the world.

On the contrary, if used properly, this influence can serve as their inspiration to have a better life. The western culture is presented as fun, prosperous, even carefree living. The teens would want to be part of that culture so with the proper guidance, they can use this as their motivation to study and work well. Most of the western culture and influences are good; it’s just that most of its critics are focusing on the bad. Technological innovations that have helped companies to think globally and act locally

Today’s technological advancement allows companies to think globally and act locally. Among this advancement is the existence of the World Wide Web. Through the Internet, day to day operation is made possible for service oriented companies who are operating in a global scale like the banks. The internet’s existence allows them to easily market their products internationally then later on fine-tune their marketing and servicing approach to better cater to the needs of its intended market. Notice that most international banks have a separate URL for almost every country they are operating.

Among the reasons is the varying financial behaviour of different people in the world. For example, promoting credit cards in third world countries should not be as extensive as promoting it in America specially since majority of the retail stores in third world countries are operating on a cash only basis. Likewise, the internet also helps international businesses manage their companies well because it can speed up communication not to mention decrease its cost through the Voice over Internet protocol. How new products and services can affect entertainment in years to come

New technologies particularly those that are related to media sharing have a huge impact on entertainment. In years time, it will shape the way people entertains and want to be entertained. Nokia led a study called A Glimpse of the Next Episode where thousands of consumers from 17 countries were interviewed about their entertainment habits. Results of the study say that in five years time, there will be a new form of entertainment, which they coined as Circular Entertainment. They said that people would rather create and share their own media content than view it from various media entities like television.

Likewise, they would also rather be watching content made by their friends, or people they know of than view those that are made by entertainment outfits. (Kusek, 2007) Should this happen, television networks, movie outfits, publishing companies will have a run for its money. Remember that today, publishing companies are already crippled by the existence of e-books which consumers can easily upload on their Iphones for easy viewing. References Kusek, D. (2007) Nokia Predicts the Future of Entertainment. Retrieved May 2, 2010 from http://www. futureofmusicbook. com/2007/12/nokia-predicts-the-future-of-entertainment/

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