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MTV’s tactical process of targeting the adolescent audience has been a positive move and is the prevailing influence at the growth of the organization’s popularity. Demonstrated here are three great motivations that highlight MTV’s reputation. Firstly, after ratings dropped in the decades, MTV managed to get itself back to the top of these ratings by specific selling ploys. Second, MTV educates and familiarizes today’s young attitude with this changing world.

Tosh.0 became a huge amateur video clip show on the sister network Comedy Central, resulting in MTV’s very own called Ridiculousness in 2011.

The MTV original show called Punk’d returned with a new twist of having new hosts per episode. Jersey Shore being a huge success for MTV led to spin-offs such as The Pauly D Project and Snooki & JWoww. Nikki & Sara Live entered MTV in the late-night comedy space back in 2012 as am unscripted series featuring comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer initially airing weekly from the MTV studios in New York.

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In recent years, MTV had struggled with the profane decline of music-related cable media. Its ratings had been same to be failing consistently, as younger viewers increasingly shift towards other media platforms, with yearly ratings drops as high as 29%; thus, there was doubt of the lasting connection of MTV towards young audiences. In Gregorian calendar month 2016, new appointed MTV president Sean Atkins proclaimed plans to revive music programming to the channel, together with the come-back of MTV Unplugged. After 9 years off air, TRL, MTV’s flagship series, came back on October two, 2017.

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Florence and the Machine starred in an MTV Unplugged special back in April 2012 as it was a popular band.

While MTV has filmed over 101 Unplugged performances, fewer than 30 of them have been released as albums. A reissue of Pearl Jam’s 1992 set didn’t release until 2009 for their debut album, Ten. This was released as a DVD. Former president of MTV, Sean Atkins, announced its return in 2016 following it premiere in September of 2017 having Shawn Mendes open the season premiere with a performance by him.

As MTV was having a general decline in audiences, this changed after overturning in the fall seeing the numbers rise. This made interactive elements become incorporated into all of Viacom’s channels. MTV Britain’s director of video, Heather Jones, says: “ We are even a lot part of this cutting line. We have the host of living music events which we exist behind the season and are taking the EU music Awards to Liverpool.

MTV has one of those latest outlets to connect Snapchat Discover and its opening time was February. The theme was similar of an episode of the MTV broadcast show from the late ’80s and early ’90s. These subjects had stories, pictures, and graphics about music news, artists, albums, and tours. The subject is utter contrast to the development on MTV, consisting of primarily of reality television shows. MTV extended by telecasting local contents which also let them to separate and get various markets who would be the music channel who recognizes not only their music interests but also their locale. MTV then acknowledges its motto “I need my MTV ” as it is able to tell consumers the MTV they truly need from their society and not just West or European. These consumers are clearly curious to The line that recognizes them enough to communicate their own language and sensibilities.

It is amazing that MTV has a very distinct localization strategy for each country on the globe. This organization in MTV has really realized these social changes across the world due to culture and social differences. This organization has several sites for each section of the world they are running catered to the local culture of the group as indicated by table-1.

The overall TV budget year is $ 3.6 million. This is excluding another $ 2.25 million designated for advertisement and publicity on MTV, the music television line. ”We take the most content influence from MTV, ” said girl Kadner, who was top of commerce in MTV for four years before joining Swatch. Swatch would pay $ 1 million on MTV during the upcoming months. Swatch would support the MTV TV Awards Show on September 13. And Swatch would take the promotional part in MTVs New Year’s Eve show.

If MTV never fired the last president, this would significantly make a big impact. There would be the possibility of bringing back dozens of viewers and spread its popularity like wild fire as if MTV never lost its touch. This is the big issue that MTV is dealing with today is the lack of viewers. By bringing back the glory days, so to speak, this would breakout into success of having many shows involved in music as what the original intention of Music Television. It seems that the current president isn’t fulfilling audiences needs. It can also solve Viacom’s main issue’s for not doing so well. It may be time for the Millennial generation to fix this. We want our MTV back!

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