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Statement of Purpose – MSC Functional Safety Engineering (FUSE) Universit?t Kassel

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Therefore, from my childhood I was strongly attached with studies. My name is Muhammad Furqan. I have completed my bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Lahore, Lahore Pakistan. Now I want to pursue my Master degree from Germany. In my childhood, I had a craze of electric gadgets, at that time I was enthusiastic about design and working of Electrical motors, fridge and other home installed electrical appliances.

I my course of Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, I have studied lot of knowledge about Engineering and Technology. I have got idea how electrical machines works, their design, and usage of Electricity. Fatherly I don’t want to stop myself here. I want to pursue my Master degree in Functional Safety Engineering (FUSE). The areas of applications for the FUSE are: Rail technology, Avionics and astronautics, Robot controls, Chemical industries, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering systems (Press, automatic metal working lathe etc.

), Turbines control, Oil and gas industries and Pipelines.


I passed my Matriculation exam with distinguished marks, got 86.47%, continued FSc. Pre-Engineering Course with a passion to become an Engineer and got 81.27% in it. During the bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering, I studied courses like DC & AC machines, Power system, Power distribution and Utilization, Power system Protection, Power System Analysis.


My final year project was mainly related with power sector in which 30 buses are implemented on MATLAB Simulink using blocks with guidance from IEEE, 30 bus data sheet (appendix 19).

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The purpose of construction of this system is to improve the power factor and power quality of the system. The method of state estimation implemented on the system results in calculating the errors from the system where the errors are experienced in the form of phase difference. Using the state estimation method and its result, the heuristic algorithm of particle swarm optimization technique is implemented. The results obtained are the best voltages along with their time on the system which is said to be problematic and the purpose of calculating that is if all the voltages on the bus resembled to that voltages or are near to those then the system becomes efficient and the problem will be solved.


The Functional Safety Engineer is responsible for the design and development of safety concepts for sensors in the automotive industry. The role is varied and challenging and will involve all aspects of the design, development, manufacture, assembly, integration and test for automotive control and sensing applications


Science and research have a long tradition in Germany and still play an important role today. German universities have an excellent reputation throughout the world. They produce significant and internationally applicable advances in research and innovation. In Germany, the facilities at universities and research institutes are well equipped. Students receive intensive academic advising, but also taken seriously as future scholars and scientists.


The University of Kassel is a young, modern and vibrant university, characterized by its openness to new ideas in every single area of its work. Receptivity, initiative, trans disciplinary thinking and unconventionality are traits we cherish and welcome in studies, research and teaching, but also in knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial ventures, to which the university provides special support. University offers the international Master programme “Functional Safety Engineering”. The programme’s highly interdisciplinary subjects in the field of optics, lasers and photonics offer a wide range of interesting topics concerning both current research and a vast range of commercial products and applications.


The Functional Safety Engineer performs functional safety management activities according to relevant automotive standards during all project phases. The Functional Safety Engineer is responsible for the design and development of safety concepts for sensors in the automotive industry. The role is varied and challenging and will involve all aspects of the design, development, manufacture, assembly, integration and test for automotive control and sensing applications.


As a Functional Safety Engineer I will be part of the product development team ensuring first class functional safety features in company automotive LED drivers. Together with the team I will develop high-value products and services to support and shape the automotive future trends in the body segment


Muhammad FurqanBSc Electrical Engineering

Lahore, Pakistan

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