Mr Smith goes to Washington Essay

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Mr Smith goes to Washington

Mr. Smith goes to Washington is a classic movie from the 1930’s which sends many messages. The film was about a senator, Mr. Smith, who was newly appointed because he was inexperienced and wanted to be used as a political machine so that he would uncover the corruption in the American government. Mr. Smith represents the power force of American freedom, democracy and morality. This film depicts the characteristics of the united sate government.

One main theme of the film is good vs. evil. After Mr. Smith decided he was going to pass the bill about the Boy Scout with the help of the young lady in his office. Mr. Tyler called him to his office and told him not to pass the bill, even Mr. pain his mentor also implicated him by telling the member of the senate and the president that Mr. smith owns the land that he was going to use for the boy scout a lie. He tries to correct it, but he is more tangled in the issue after several hours of talking and trying to convince the senate and the president. Mr. Pain finally admits all what he said about Mr. Smith was a lie and Mr. smith won. He fought for himself and he got his integrity back, even though he had zero political experience.

Political socialization, which is the process by which citizens acquire their knowledge, feelings and evaluations of the political world. The movie reflects on political socialization in the sense that when Mr. Smith got to Washington, all the status of past leaders and quotes were showing through his eyes sends a really strong message to America. The film shows that corruptions done by government are known in every society.

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