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Mr. Jayanti Purohit

Q 1. When Shanaya Malkan boarded her Air India flight to London in Mumbai, she was seated in the middle of an unkempt person who apparently had not bathed recently on one side and a baby crying on the other. The person in front of her immediately reclined his seat. Shanaya knew she would not be comfortable in making the seven hour long trip under these circumstances. What can Shanaya do to make the trip more comfortable?

Q 2. Ms. Anjali Chaturvedi is the head of the sales division in Fedington Technologies. Whenever she asks for feedback during the departmental meetings, she blasts anyone offering criticism which causes her sub-ordinates to agree to everything she says and not voice their true opinion on the way they manage their functioning. You want to talk to her about it , but what should you say ? List some of the points that you would like to make with when you would discuss this issue with her.

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