Moving to a new place Essay

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Moving to a new place

Does moving to a new place change everything you ever experience? Moving to a whole new descriptive place is like being pop out of your mothers belly again. Especially, when you move to a place where the language, the food, the people, school and everything else is brand new. Those type of situations, shape your way of living in a constructive way that will affect the rest of your lifestyle. That’s the same situation that made me have a life change into a whole new story. Almost 15 years ago, my mother had to make a decision that will affect her and affect the love ones around her.

An option that will make her leave everything she ever loved and wanted behind forever. The option was to leave her lifestyle, her family and leave a part of her own blood made from her flesh. The own blood was me, leaving me with my grandma so she could had gone to find a job and start a new journey. To have a way to support the her baby and her own family. Departing to the U. S. A when I was only one years old. Until a sudden burdens of death that was going to make my whole story, lifestyle, my whole childhood and the rest of my life changed. I never got to met my mother but the soon had to happen.

I had an experience of a love one’s death. Stealing everything I ever had it and loved. The death of a love one’s, was my precious grandmother. Removing her out of my life when I was only nine. After nine years with my grandma, all the time she took care of me, gave me love, kindness, care and patients was over. I was young and not so smart back then. I didn’t know what was gonna happen to me, she was the only option I had. I only had my uncles and aunts to take care of me. Plus, they had kids to take her off as well and it would just be another burdens for them to have me living with them.

So the decision that I had never even thought off was going to happen. The decision that many other foreigners have experience. That decision was to move to the United Stated with my mother. Never in my life had I thought of moving away and especially moving far away where everything is a whole new destination. I was nine at the time, the thoughts of me moving were to extreme for a young boy. Everyday since my grandma past away, my thoughts where all in, “Why did she had to go? ” Those thoughts where no longer about why, there were all about that decision.

I idn’t want to move, there was no way that it was true but I had to accept the fact that it was going to happen and there was nothing I could have done. It didn’t take a long time before we made date for me to leave. I had a week left to enjoy the rest of my home and then it was time for me to depart. A week happen, it flew by so fast that my imagination still lead me to thinking it was just a dream. Leaving all my families behind, all my things that I ever done. All the memories, my friends, school, food and everything that ever happen to me was gonna be gone.

It was time for me to depart, say bye to all my families, friends and close people. I left the home I was raised in and arrive at the home I was going to be raise. Nine years old setting foot on a new ground, new soil and new environment. Smelling the new fresh air, new plants, feeling the fresh brisk and a dream of meeting a new kind of weather, snow. The day that I always imagine of me meeting my mom for the fist time with my own eyes had happen. It wasn’t for long that I met all my family, got to meet my home, the town and everything to discover. While several years pass by, many things happen that I had to get comforted on.

It was tough moving to place where you have too start fresh. One of the toughest thing that change my life was, learning a new language. The was the most difficult objective that I needed to overcome. It wasn’t it easy being able to talk to people and seeming like your saying the wrong thing. Communicating, being social and becoming friends with others were one of the hardest things I had to adjust to this place. Eventually I had the hang of it, started to hang around English speaking people and it made it easier for me. Finding and gatherings friends and adjusting to new environment became suitable for me.

Almost eight years being here and I wouldn’t regret everything that happen to me. That’s when we go back and ask ourselves the same question that we as kin the beginning, “Does moving to a new place change everything you ever experience? “. No it does not, it just makes you have even a better experience. Eventually its gonna become hard but your always going to go ahead and overcome those circumstances. It changes your life, not in bad way but in a good way. Of course I miss everything I left behind but those things eventually come back for another round. Changing my childhood, my lifestyle and my future, wasn’t so bad at the end.

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