Moving and Handling of Clients Essay

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Moving and Handling of Clients

Most of the reported accidents are reported under RIDDOR- which is Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations. Accidents that cause injuries to backs, including hands, arms and feet. These accidents can occur wherever people work, in residential establishments, day centres, in peoples own homes, on farms, building sites, hospitals, shops and while making deliveries. The major cause of injuries is poor manual handling of goods. They account for 34% of all accidents at work; as a result, the government has introduced legislation regarding correct manual handling. The training for safe moving and handling allows me not just at work but in my private life to protect myself and others from serious and painful injuries. Risk assessments are carried out to help the employer find out what actions should be taken to comply with their duties under the Health and Safety Act. The Health and Safety Act 1974 lists the general duties for employers/ employee’s suppliers and others involved in the supply of goods and provision of services through work.

What cases creates the risk, takes the responsibilities. Work forces also have responsibilities for their own manual handling. Organisations must provide machinery and equipment which are of safe use when transporting materials. Employees must have relevant information, instruction training and supervision with regards to lifting techniques. Every place of work should be kept in safe conditions, as an employee, we have a duty to care to comply with the rules, co-operate with employers and the use of any equipment and procedures for safety, informing our employer if there are any hazardous handling activities in our work. When moving and handling, acute and chronic injuries may occur, like the spine, the neck and lower back are the most mobile but could also get damaged.

Slipped discs caused by twisting, joint strain, muscular tension. When assessing our work, we have to look at the load, the individual, the task or job and the environment. The maximum load that can be lifted is 25KG. Picking items up at our feet and put at chest level is 10KG and at arms length to head height is 5KG. The risk can be reduced if the correct equipment and method of lifting is undertaken. To reduce the risk, remove sharp edges, provide protective clothing, use gloves before starting to lift. We must think about the age, size, physical fitness, checking health conditions. Examples, heart, breathing and bad back.

Major points of lifting are to stop and think placing feet apart adopting good posture, don’t jerk or move the feet. The safety of the service users and care workers is paramount and care workers should take an active part in risk assessment. The Health and Safety fitness of each care worker should be frequently reviewed so that any problems can be dealt with quickly. This is as I already know as one of my responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act, the safety of both service user and me is paramount and care workers all should take an active part in risk assessment.

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