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Moving and Handling Essay

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Gluteus maximus is the large muscle in the each of the buttock which provides power when straightening the hips. Quadriceps is the large muscle group on front of the thigh which straightens the knee. Hamstrings are the large muscle group which is on the back of the thigh which bends the knee. Gastronomies are the calf muscle which lifts the heel and straightens the ankle. Latissimus dorsi is a large muscle on either side of the spine which supports the spine and stabilises the shoulder joint.

Trapezius is the muscles on the spine which also raise the shoulder girdle. Biceps is the muscle which bends the elbow. Triceps is the muscle which straightens the elbow. Deltoid forms the curve of the shoulder and lifts the arm out to the side. Pectoralis major is one of the groups of muscles on the front of the chest which brings the arm in to the side. The move and positioning the individuals in a recommended manner is to help prevent or minimise damage to the skin, and by carrying out the moving and positioning activities this would be in the correct manner to reduce the risk of shearing and friction damage to the skin and underlying tissues.

The pressure and shearing will interrupt the local blood supply to the skin and also deprive it of nutrients and oxygen if you do the moving and handing correctly also without the adequate supply of nutrients cells in the skin die. Functions of the skin are to disperse pressure but if the high pressure is applied the damage can result and also prolonged periods at the lower pressure also can cause damage. Also with the good moving and positioning techniques to prevent shearing damage while the manoeuvre is being carried out and will also minimise the reactions to prolonged pressure being placed on the vulnerable tissue.

Medical Conditions Health issues

Parkinson’s disease This would affect the individuals moving and positioning because the arms and legs become stiff and hard to move, rapid shaking of the hands, arms and legs and the lack of balance or difficulty adjusting to sudden changes in positions. Arthritis Arthritis causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness especially in the morning, and limited movement. Paralysis This would cause the lack of movement and sensation.


This would affect the individual because they would have the difficulty in cooperating in moving and positioning. Congestive heart failure This affects the breathing while having heart failure and has swelling of the lower limbs and would reduce the mobility. By having the responsibility to move and handle individuals safely and correctly to ensure my own safety and that of others. Having the active support that encourages the individuals to do much itself and by maintaining their independence, and by looking at the hazards such as the items with the potential cause to harm. While moving and handling such as the techniques to be used and enabling the worker to assist individuals to move from one position to another, and the individuals would have the rights to be respected and not to be discriminated against and also by having their own privacy. A) HASAW Act 1974 Employees have the responsibility to ensure their own health, safety, welfare as well as that of colleagues and service users and by taking any part in training, using the equipment appropriately and reporting any faults and also acting responsibly.

Employers have the responsibility to provide any equipment and training, and also providing and maintaining a safe environment. B) Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Employers should always assess the risks to employees and by using these risk assessments to make arrangements for the health and safety of their employees and they also should ensure that the employees are provided with the adequate health and safety training which would be repeated periodically which are appropriate. C) Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1992

By informing the use of equipment, resources and individuals when carrying out risk assessments for manoeuvres which are hazardous. The main points for manual handling should be avoided as far as reasonably practicable and when unavoidable, and by putting the reduce risk of injury to the possible level. The risk assessment will be the highlight by using the hoists and mechanical lifting devices to reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries in staff. D) Manual handling operations regulations 1992 By carrying out a risk assessment on manual handling tasks. Employees have the duties to follow the appropriate systems of work which is laid down for their safety and making proper use of the equipment provided for their safety, by co-operating with their employer on health and safety matters and by informing the employer if they identify any hazardous handling activities and also taking care to ensure that their activities do not put others at risk.

The health and safety factors injuries arise from the moving and handling of people which you should follow the appropriate systems of work and the use of equipment provided, if any problems occur with the individual or equipment which would take reasonable care to ensure that our actions do not put others in danger and also the health and safety issues will be then identified and built into the complete care package. There is a range of moving and handling aids available which is suitable for different levels of mobility as well. There are “banana” boards, which is shaped like a boomerang and is used by people that have upper body mobility but weakness in their lower body to transfer themselves from bed to chair. There are also hoists, which is of a hammock like a sling which is placed underneath a person and then would be attached in four places at the central arm of the hoist which lifts the person and you can transfer them from bed to chair etc. There are slip sheets which is a slide sheet that you can place underneath the person and it is used to move them up and down their bed.

There are also little ladders that you can attach to the end of the bed which the person can use to move themselves up and down the bed. If the individuals indicate a choice that you or others may consider to be a risk you should always us your assessment skills to determine, if there may be any issues of capacity or safeguarding. If you are unsure make sure you consult with the line manager and always recording the decision/outcome and the discussion on the file. If there is any safeguarding issue, make sure you refer to the local safeguarding vulnerable adults procedures. By helping the service user to manager to get in their great condition of movement safely by supporting the service user, providing the person of care will have a massive impact on their quality of life and well-being.

Your good quality of care is been shown to reduce the need for people to be readmitted to hospital and can also help their rehabilitation. If you care with someone with rehabilitation for example after a stroke means also you can do a lot in their progress. By looking at the individuals care plan to make sure it is up to date with the correct information and also would show what equipment they should use when moving and handling the individual also they would be the policies and procedures should be used, and going to up to date training courses which would show you if you’re doing the right moving and handling procedures. Always look at the equipment manufacturers instructions which would be important when using any equipment.

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