Movie Review: The White Balloon Essay

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Movie Review: The White Balloon

Jafar Panahi’s movie entitled “The White Balloon” is a depiction of social reality in these present times within the eyes of a young girl protagonist. The conflict of the story is simple as well as the resolution and its setting. The main problem of the protagonist is her likeness to buy a fish but she does not have any amount of money in her pocket. What she did was she took her mother’s last money and went to the store but while walking to the store, the girl lose her mother’s money that brought fear and anger within her. At the end of the story, there is no concrete solution to the conflict but the protagonist made her own way of obtaining the money to buy the fish.

            Like what other critics and analysts said towards this film, there is no need to impose complex conflicts to make each story a good one. As long as there are complete scenarios and interpretations of things, everything would be better than the others. This is what Panahi did in this movie. He only took the courage to discuss and illustrate the life of Iranians in a typical country of Iran. Though it is more on the simple aspects of Iranian tradition, there is a combination of twist and turns that will bring its audience to the mood of waiting for the next situation.

            In my own perception and point of view regarding the issues and topics that were tackled in the movie is that the director has no direct attack towards the resolution of the conflict. He is already satisfied with the illustrations and discussions of Iranian life but there is no form of resolution to the conflict. The protagonist’s problem was not a personal problem but a social problem that should not be taken for granted. It means that the director itself should not take this for granted if he wanted to analyze the situation of Iranian people especially in the cases like this where the main character is a child who always seeks for answers in every question.


Panahi, J. The White Balloon.

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