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Move of Demonetization

Bijendra Kumar Srivastava: I am fully in support of this move of demonetization· The hardship is for few days. The real pain is to politicians, doctors, engineers ,contractors, big farmers & top bureaucrats.

Jitender Kohli: The difficulties none to ignore or deny but one has to admit this change is necessitated for national security and development. The deaths pointed are painful but can’t only be connected with demonetization. Are we not finding such heart breaking news in accidents, lining-up for tickets in cinema or rail or bus or in office or factory? Can we connect all these with those? The guarding Jawans are being targeted by Pakistani Rangers and Army, can we seek Pakistan mercy or react to protect nation? This demonetization has flushed the fake currency to gutter and stopped channel of financial feeding to terrorists.

I am a common person living among middle-class section of society which is facing the brunt of terrorism, corrupt practices around, fake secular leaders looming around and the some of media supporting them.

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We know the poorer among poorer are the main to bear the brunt in each change. It may be flood, fire, drought or any nature calamity or 70 year ruling of so-called secular governing. At last someone has taken a step to corner fake money and separatists hawala channels, we had to bear some difficulties if we wish to change the scenario. The government is improving the changeover of the currency and found decreasing lines in Jammu city. These lines shall start decreasing elsewhere too.

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I am not countering your versions, you are right to some extent when you ignore the national interests connected with removal of fake currency and separatists fund feeding.

Anubhav Shankar: The recent demonetisation scheme by the present government indicates a strong resolve to fight the menace of black money and fake currency. This has had a domino effect in curbing the nefarious intentions of all those seeking to bleed India financially and economically. The present scheme rather than tracking black money seeks to make it work for the country by restricting some pathways to stash/hide it. However, the execution does seem to leave a lot to be desired and raises questions like- if it is known that terrorist organizations use currency of higher denominations, why introduce Rs.2000/- notes at all, isn’t it detrimental in the long run?

With all being said it is a vital starting point and a step which needed to be done. However, in my opinion it cannot be a permanent solution as taking money out of circulation abruptly can send the economy into a shock. Also, I would like to see the law making it impossible for the defaulters to escape imprisonment and close loopholes by bringing religious institutions into tax ambit as they remain the most fertile sources of converting black money to white. Also, the understanding of black money needs to be broadened as pointed out by noted economist Prabhat Patnaik.

Ashrith Ashrith: They should pass a rule that all commercial establishments right from the petty shops to malls should accept paytm or other cash wallets· malls are accepting credit cards · should start accepting cash wallets ·

Gaurav Gangwal: Really appreciating efforts by govt. Now people are fearing to keep black money. Most business men are saying now they will earn less but whatsoever will be in white

Govinda Verma: Easily deposited old currency in the bank. No trouble at all for me. But this demonetisation is a big worry and trouble for less educated people.. so taking it as my national duty i am helping troubled people around me as much as i can to convert their old currency

Prem Jack: Doesn’t matter If I stand in queue for more than hours to get exchange. I’m happy that my country is changing#harbaarmodisarkar

Aanchal Agrawal: It didn’t affect me at all. My life is just as it was one week back ?

Jatin Makwana: Govt’s another stupid decision

Muhammad Aashif Iqbal Khan: Worst

Regina R: Bad

As we saw from the above cases people suffered but still had optimism about change.While farmers were the worst hit and many took it to the streets to protest the middle class and the higher middle class had varied opinions based on political interest.

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