Mountainside Industries consultant report

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Upon analyzing the ongoing problems facing Mountainside Industries in effort to increase efficiency and reduce production cost. Company-wide resolutions must be implemented. This report comes to the following conclusion that in efforts to rectify the proceeding situations, Mountainside Industries should implement the following; communicate to all employees a shared vision for the company’s future, reconstruct the administrative framework, encourage employees to take initiative, and planning and implementing a proper payroll system that will result in smoother operations and efficiency.

Shared Vision of Company’s Future

Creating a clear and effective future company vision delivers many benefits to the business.

Not only does a clear, shared vision help define the values of a company and its employees, but it also helps guide the behavior of all employees. A strong vision also leads to improved productivity and efficiency, in which seems to be a growing problem for Mountainside Industries. With a clearly communicated vision, Mountainside Industries will encourage involvement from its employees and create a sense of shared vision that will enable the organization to realize the benefits associated with a strong sense of vision.

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It is important to create this company-wide vision in order to benefit the company.

Restructuring the Administrative framework at Mountainside Industries

If the company aims to resolving the occurring issues with its employees, it is important for the company to employ a proper leadership style. The improper management strategies of the Administrative System at Mountainside Industries, in conjunction with lack of proper communication has caused the financial status of the industry to become unsteady.

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Currently, a major issue lies between the manager’s more authoritative approach in which the workers feel obliged to respect the leader, as opposed to the more lenient operations occurring prior to the new leadership changes that has caused productions to slow. In order to resolve these issues, the company should introduce a “Code of Ethics” that both administrative and production employees must abide by to keep from any future employee/management complications from arising. This will resolve the current resentment tissues that the employees have incurred for management, and will improve the relationship between management and employee.

Encourage Employees to Take Initiative

In order to encourage employees to become more involved within the company, the need for employees to take initiative on their own to do what needs to be done is the best way to insure the company’s future as profitable. The problem that pertains at Mountainside Industries is that the company lacks in treating all members of the company as valuable, which remains to be a major issue. The workers are unhappy because they feel that there is unfair treatment occurring leading them feel discouraged and invaluable. Employees need to be encouraged and rewarded for being involved, as well as taking initiative, and sharing ideas. In addition to helping the organization save money by reducing costs, improving processes, and delight the company’s ethics, taking initiative makes the employee’s job much more exciting encouraging them make things happen. A company that encourages their employees to get involved in the decision making process will encourage employees to become more involved as well as increase productivity within the company.

Planning and Implementing a Proper Payroll System

In order to increase company efficiency, the company should implement a payroll system that compensates employees according to their productivity output and efficiency. Currently, workers complain that the wages are low, and turnover is high among the young males, which they then compensate for by taking breaks or taking home with them company materials, causing production cost to increase and efficiency levels to decrease. A proper payroll system will improve the efficiency of the workforce, and increase production due to monetary incentives. Rewarding workers for their efforts will keep the workforce from veering off their intended duties, thereby reducing employee turnover and costs. It is vital for the company to implement a proper payroll system if they are to entourage workers cut costs and increase efficiency to insure the company’s future goals are reached.

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