Mountain man brewing company case study solutions Essay

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Mountain man brewing company case study solutions

Radico Khaitan’s young and enthusiastic sales force services retail outlets across the country, understanding requirements and fulfilling them, thereby developing enduring relationships. The Sales team comprises professionals with vast domain expertise, years of experience in the liquor industry and a deep understanding of varied markets.

Support Services

The MIS & IT Department leverages technology to help Radico Khaitan gain a competitive edge. Radico Khaitan was among the first companies in the liquor industry to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), using SAP, to streamline processes, optimize workflow management, manage inventories and reduce costs. The ready availability of reporting information has facilitated more efficient decision-making and improved customer management.

Accounts & Finance Services

Radico Khaitan Ltd has been continuously showing growth over previous years and registering healthy profits. This has been made possible through the steps taken by the Finance department like bringing down the cost of borrowings substantially.The Efforts of the finance department has made Radico one of the best prospects for timely repayment of debts and providing the highest safety of funds for lenders. The department also has excellent financial management with strong fundamentals in the short and medium term.

Marketing Services

In the short span of time, Radico Khaitan has been able to make the transition from being a manufacturer of Extra Neutral Alcohol to being a company with a portfolio of hugely successful brands. Our understanding of market demands and ability to satisfy consumer needs has been responsible for this. Consistently superior quality, a wide range of products, innovative packaging, pricing to suit all pockets, a nation-wide distribution network that covers 95% of retail points, clubs and bars in the country, effective advertising, and popular events and promotions.

Other Products & Services

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Services

2. Objectives
To understand the problems faced by the company before implementation of ERP and the process of ERP system implementation. In addition to this, analysis of the present ERP and suggestion of some improvements.

3. Methodology
We would study the different processes in the company and then we will study the problems faced by company before implementing ERP. Prepare the questionnaire to collect data from the company and study the solutions given by the SAP consultant.

3.1.Need For ERP
Improve alignment of strategies and operations
Improve productivity and insight.
Reduce costs through increased flexibility.

Support changing industry requirements – Take advantage of the SAP Web-based technology to integrate your end-to-end processes seamlessly. Improve financial management and corporate governance – Gain deep visibility into with financial and management accounting functionality combined with business analytics. Gain higher ROI faster – Install SAP ERP using rapid-implementation techniques that cost less than half what traditional approaches cost. Provide immediate access to enterprise information – Give employees new ways to access the enterprise information required for their daily activities.

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