Motown`s Path to Expand

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Motown, a business that reached a widespread nation. During the years, Motown have faced multiple challenges. Some of the major problems was the music financial problems, and racial tensions.  All of this success was created by a man named Berry Gordy. Berry started the business on January 12, 1959. Motown’s music helped communicate and bring together racially divided countries and segregated societies around the world, and touch all races and ages, but there was difficult obstacles that they faced. Motown became one of the first African American owned record labels, but throughout all the success, they overcame obstacles, and barriers.

Berry Gordy, as a label owner, experienced racial discrimination for a long time.

The Jim Crow Laws were one of the difficult challenges Motown had to face. The Jim Crow Laws were mostly in the south along with segregation, and violence towards African American, even in the north, there was heavy racism. During all of this, the Brown V.S Board of Education was going on.

In this, this was when the law stated that white and colored people should be separated in schools. But, in the 1960’s they were pushing towards equality. Through all of that, the grooving music of Motown brought together whites and colored people as one. Motown’s music was spread nationwide. They also experienced some major breakdowns along the way to their success.

The complication was financial problems. Motown was experiencing some wealthy situations that took them from the top of the charts to the bottom. One of the situations is when a Supreme, Mary Wilson, complained that she was only getting paid $250 a week when other groups were making more than her.

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There were also underpaid instrumentalists that were creative, but still deserves more recognition. The salary was also affecting their music. Some of the groups were worried about how much they are making. Overall, Motown’s success took them back to the top. Throughout the years of Motown, they faced music trouble. For instance, Motown no longer dominates the charts like they did.

They lost grip on the pop charts label. In the beginning their melody didn’t get them to where they wanted, so they changed. There music did not affect them too much. Throughout the obstacles they faced, they succeed with their music. In conclusion, Motown has encountered many barriers throughout the years. The obstacles that they faced are not all gone. There are still racial problems going around the world of music. As for now, 2018, the problems that Motown experienced are not that different today. Some of them are racial compilation, and the music.

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