Motorways' Speedy Transportation vs Traffic Accidents


  1. Consistent travel times
  2. Less congestion
  3. Less costly
  4. Benefit for business person as well as common
  5. Less stress
  6. Value for money
  7. Financing development
  8. Leads to prosperity
  9. No zebra crossing
  10. No traffic signal

Advantage of motorways

  • Speedy transportation is very effect on economy structure of Pakistan. High speed traveling means those products are easily transferred on place to another.
  • If the motorways system is good then less chance of wear and tear of vehicle.
  • This system is consider economy system
  • Speedy traveling save the time more.

  • Less chance of lost and damages because the good and services transfer better ways i-e packing system
  • The production material, warehouse things, retailors product are easily move from one place to another .its means free mobility of product.
  • Better motorways system provides the jobs opportunities for people. The Highways Agency discovered that journey reliability was improved by 22% at 50MPH and 27% at 60MPH, compared to that at 70MPH.
  • Congestion has been reduced.
  • Journey time has improved.
  • Drivers tend to be more comfortable when driving on these roads.

  • Lane discipline has improved.
  • Traffic capacity has increased.
  • Disadvantages of motorways:
  • The underconstruct area also damages the environment.

Risk of product

  • Large area cover
  • More costly for common persons
  • Smart motorways increase the amount that a driver stops in live lanes; which is the third greatest cause of road traffic accidents.
  • Allowing drivers to permanently use the hard shoulder could result in emergency vehicles struggling to make their way through traffic in urgent cases.
  • Driving could become more erratic when trying to allow room for emergency vehicles.

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    Moving into the next lane unexpectedly could result in a collision.

  • Increased traffic capacity means that drivers are driving closer together, therefore increasing the risk of collision.

Growings public interest

  1. The increasing number of smart motorways being developed across the country is concern amoungst emergency servies, roadside recovery companies, labore MPS and solicitors alike
  2. Those who have aried their reservation concering commuter safety on smart motarways have introduced the argument as to whether these adapted road system are a good investment in the UK;s future
  3. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of smart motorways and discover more about how their implementation will affect roads in the UK

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