Motorcycle Helmets Pros & Cons

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As an avid motorcycle enthusiast one of my major concerns is that many riders make the personal decision to not wearing proper equipment. While riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable pastime and for many a primary source of transportation, it is my belief that it is imperative there is not option when it comes to wearing a helmet. Several years back, after completing the mandatory motorcycle course in Maryland, my husband purchased a used Honda. He was in the garage and decided to start up the bike.

He climbed on put his helmet on and started up the bike all the while holding in the clutch.

All of a sudden he went shooting out of the garage the bike sounded like it was doing 60 in first gear and he looked like a bull rider in the rodeo. His legs were flying up and down and he was holding on for dear life. Finally able to shut the bike off, it abruptly stopped and he went flying over the handlebars like superman without a cape.

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Later discovering that the bike clutch had been defective thus causing it to slip into gear. Had he not been wearing a helmet, he could have sustained serious head injuries.

This incident has been the driving premise for us as relates to believing that helmets not only save lives but also prevent serious injuries. In a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2010, motorcycle crashes made up 14% of all road traffic deaths, yet motorcycles accounted for.

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