MOTORBUS Company: Que Sera Sera Essay

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MOTORBUS Company: Que Sera Sera

I. Point of View

This study should be observed in the perspective of Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta. His situation is very critical since all of the burdens of the Maintenance Department are lying on his shoulders. Therefore, the researcher should specifically view themselves as Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta in considering some solutions and recommendation and finally offer the proper, distinct and probable plan of action.

II. Time Context
Since the company will be fielding an additional 50 new buses in a month, Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta should settle all misfits and do the recommended plan of action within 30 days. That timeframe will give Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta the perfect decision that he can get to come up with a perfect solution. This problem needs a lot of thinking and analyzing.

III. Statement of the Problem

The MOTORBUS Company: Que Sera Sera is a route of bus from Manila via Isabela. Que Sera Sera means “What will be, will be”. Engineer Hermogenes Ancheta has just received his appointment papers from his new immediate superior, the Vice-President for Operations, he has been promoted from Assistant Manager to Manager of the Maintenance Department. After congratulating him from his promotion, his boss gave him a verbal directive that he should put some order in his department and make and make it work in the most effective and efficient manner as possible without incertitude.

Engineer Ancheta has just passed the board examination for Mechanical Engineering when he joined Motorbus Company in 1993. By June 1995, he informed his former classmates at the University of Santo Tomas that he has promoted as Assistant Manager for Maintenance.

He had promoted from Assistant Manager to Manager when Engineer Gaudencio

Inductivo, who in turn to be at 62 years old. After the approval from VP for operations, the next day after the approval of Engineer Inductivo retirement, Engineer Ancheta received an appointment papers promoting him to be a Manager.

By the time on his duty as a manager he inspect the storage room and he found the uneven supply of parts. Some parts were in excessive quantities and some important ones were inadequately stocked and the corner room contains a big volume of obsolete parts.

The problem now is that how he handle the operation most effectively when he’s just new to his job, while there are 50 more buses added in the route for 100 buses will servicing the various routes assigned to Motorbus Company.

IV. Statement of the Objectives

To settle the disputes with the maintenance personnel
To convince the maintenance personnel to not quit their jobs To innovate and improve the old method of purchasing
To fix problems regarding inadequate, excessive and obsolete parts in the stock room

V. Areas of Consideration

Engineer Hermogenes Ancheta as a Mechanical Engineering Graduate he then work in a Motorbus Company as Assistant Manager of Maintenance Department. By the year 1993 when he joined the Motorbus Company, he passed the Board Examination for Mechanical Engineering course. He then informed his former classmate from University of Santo Tomas by year 1995 as he promoted Assistant Manager for Maintenance.

The former Manager of the Department Engineer Gaudencio Inductivo, joined the company since it started the operations in 1989. A total of ten buses began plying the Manila-Isabela route. A maintenance unit was put up the Manila in Sampaloc. Another unit serves the Ilagan, Isabela terminal. Each unit has a full-time mechanic and one assistant.

When a company bus comes in for repair, the mechanic diagnoses the various automotive systems in the bus and later produces a list of parts needing replacement. The mechanic sends the list to Engineer Inductivo, who, in turn, forwards the same to the company accountant for approval of the purchase request. Often times, Engineer Inductivo performs the actual purchasing himself. Later, he sends the purchased items to the mechanic who made the request.

The maintenance units were operating normally until 40 new buses were procured by the company in 1993. Since then, every maintenance was so busy that they threatened to quit their jobs unless additional mechanics and assistants were recruited. By the end of 1993, each unit has a personnel complement of 5 mechanics and 5 assistants.

But with current developments, the old method of purchasing was not improved. Purchase request started to embroiled, the file endorsed become discreet. Mechanic and drivers began complaining to the VP for Operations about the delays in the delivery of needed parts.

The VP (Vice-President) for Operations immediately sent a note to Engineer Inductivo ordering that the problem should be resolved immediately. Engineer Inductivo was hard pressed and he could not offer an immediate solution. The next day, Engineer Inductivo informed the VP for Operations that he is requesting for the approval of his application for retirement as he is already 62 years old.

The VP forwarded the request to the President with an endorsement justifying the request. On the same day, the request for retirement was approved. The next day, Engineer Ancheta received his appointment papers promoting him to Manager.

During his first appointment as a Manager the first thing Engineer Ancheta did was to inspect the storage room for parts. He found out that the room was full of uneven supply of parts. Some parts were of excessive quantities, while some important ones were inadequately stocked. A corner of the room contains a big volume of obsolete parts.

At the end of the day, Engineer Ancheta was informed by the VP that the company will be fielding an additional 50 new buses within 30 days. This will mean that by next month about 100 buses will be servicing the various routes assigned to Motorbus Company. Engineer Ancheta is now mulling over how he will make the operations of his department as efficient and effective as possible.

The areas of consideration are the ongoing disagreement with the maintenance personnel, the old system of purchasing applied in the company and the mountain of problems about the inventory of parts.

VI. Assumptions

“What will be, will be”, this is the meaning of Que Sera Sera was derived from a Spanish song. So, this is the word that really bind in his mind with the luck that came up with Engineer Hermogenes Ancheta that he became appointed Assistant Manager to Manager. For that case it will happen someday in advance that Engineer Ancheta will become the Manager of the Motorbus Company and that what will be happened after the retirement of Engineer Gaudencio Inductivo.

For what happened to Engineer Ancheta is a time of luck that he knew someday he will become a Manager for he work a good Assistant Manager so the company President trusted him so much that he will be the next to be appointed as a Manager of Maintenance Department because he already knew how to run and operate the business pertaining to Motorbus Company most effectively in good service.

As a new appointed Manager Engineer Ancheta work literally honest in his field of work so that the VP for Operations trusted him and for that time, the company will be fielding of 50 new additional buses. This means that the business was keep on growing for the President put the trust on Engineer Ancheta to handle the operations to make efficient and good service for the various routes using 100 buses assigned to Motorbus Company.

This is what really the analysis that Engineer Ancheta is a successful upon doing his Job.

VII. Alternative Courses of Action (ACA)

For Engineer Ancheta since he’s just new on the job as appointed Manager, he must pondered on focusing in the operations of the Motorbus Company to be adequate enough to work with it efficient and more effective bus servicing through the Philippines. As a manager he must need to know the employee under his supervision like mechanic, asistant that they might work with no other reasons for them to give their support to the company. This is just giving him the idea that he need a better employee which has no other alternatives just to work with the company with their full time basis. For that reason they may work efficiently if they work together in helping each other in the company to support their needs to have a better foundation of Motorbus business infrastructure.

They must conduct an additional training for the new employee that they may hire, just to make sure that the bus route will do a better service in travelling back to back to its destinations. The mechanic should had their support as a maintenance that every unit must be checked before they move on to their destinations.

What will be, will be, that’s the theme that this company appparently symbolized. The determination of continous focus on the job is the best thing to do.

VIII. Conclusion/Recommendation

There you can see to it that the business shown an increase in numbers of buses and same as usual with the profit they will also gain a better than what they had recently when Engineer Inductivo’s in charge with the Management of the Motorbus Company. Aside from that, when Engineer Ancheta is appointed as a new Manager he’s now on his way to make a decision like a real boss of the company, for that case his order is the way that the President of Operations will be respected. For the President knew that he is an honest manager to be appointed to handle the operations pertaining with the Maintenance Department.

Furthermore, I recommend that they must need another hired of new employee since the addition of a 40 new buses to be added on the route assigned to Motorbus company. No one should be able to quit, that he must need to convince his employee under his supervision as a result of a good performance in the part of a workforce.

IX. Plan of Action

The first step for Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta is to set up a meeting on his department. In this meeting, he will lay all of his proposition for the problems present in the department. To settle the dispute on maintenance personnel, Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta must hire additional personnel and staff since the company needs more manpower in 30 days. For the improvement of the old method of purchasing, Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta Mallari is to ask his sons and to influence them and ask

Lastly, to fix problems regarding inadequate, excessive and obsolete parts in the stock room, Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta must perform an inventory. If there isn’t enough supply, the department must list all of the inadequate tools. If there is an excess, there is choice of just putting it in the stock room or the department can also sell it to retailers. And for the obsolete parts, they must be sold to junk shops.

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