Moto: Coming to America from Japan Essay

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Moto: Coming to America from Japan


1- What was moto’s purpose and agenda for the first meeting with Crowell ? How does he try to implement his agenda ?

* Motos purpose was to make sure that KDD (the company which Moto’s work for) had made the right discussion choosing the American company Allmack to be their building contractor for their mall which they already bought a land in the US for. In his first meeting the agenda was to get briefing and insights about Allmack and to build a relationship before conducting the business by meeting the president of the US company Mr.Crowell. * Moto applied what he learned and searched for about American business men .Trying to be firm, professional , polite and even friendly by offering a gift .That’s was Moto’s method and way to proceed with his agenda at the first meeting. Unfortunately Moto was Parochialism and expected Crowell to behave and show the same way of conversation and interest .

2- What communication Problems were there between Moto and Crowell ? * The assumption that Crowell was not interested and impolite when he did not read the content of Moto’s card and when he wasn’t so fascinated by the dolls. * Crowell Thought the KDD representative is trying to show pride of his company and that it is one of the best while overshadowing Allmack indirectly in other words Crowell thought that Moto wanted to say that Allmack should be proud by working with them. * Moto did not understand the American Ego ,dry conversation and impatience on the other hand Crowell did not consider the Japanese quite , detail focused and way of conducting business culture.

3- What was the significance of the dolls ? what went wrong ? The Dolls resembles a Japanese tradition and custom and would be appreciated if it was given to a Japanese person to show gratitude. Michio-san did not consider the cultural difference between him and Mr.Crowell as the earlier intended to show respect and build a relationship with the latter but didn’t work because kokeshi dolls are not known to Americans moreover an American business man wouldn’t expect to get such a gift for a first building up meeting.In addition Crowell did not show any interest upon receiving the gift and did not reply with a thank.

4- Why did Crowell’s remarks about Allmack threaten a loss of face from Moto’s Perspective? -Moto knew about Allmack achievements and wanted to show Mr.crowell that he really did his homework reading and learning about Allmack’s history and background. Crowell interruption made Michio feel that all his efforts were gone with the wind .However Moto’s real intention was to present the strength of both KDD and Allmack to start his conversation but the American president thought it was a competition of words thinking that Mr.Moto was trying to raise the bar higher for his company .Eventually Moto felt the competitive tone and realized that the conversation is no longer on tack.

5- How did Moto feel about Kubushevsky’s behavior early on ? How did their relationship change ? -Kubushevsky’s was amiable and polite but not intimate according to Moto’s analysis.Kubushevsky as Michio-san saw him was not too friendly, uncooperative and difficult to build a relationship with. – When moto confronted Kubushevskys and told him ‘you need a wife’ several times at this moment Kubushevskys opened his heart and revealed his plans. It was connected with alcoholic mode they were in .Later on they because friends and had more than a business relationship , they became a team and Moto finished what he was suppose to finish due to Kubushevsky’s cooperation.

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