Motivation in the workplace is very crucial for businesses and people. For most healthcare managers they have a lot of stress on them daily. As manager they provide leadership, guidance, and skills to their employees. Making sure the workplace operates correctly not only for the success as a team but also for the public. There are different ways motivations can affect us in a behavior standpoint. Quoted “Based on psychological and neurobiological theories of core affective experience, we identify a set of direct and indirect paths through which affective feelings at work affect three dimensions of behavioral outcomes: direction, intensity, and persistence.

First, affective experience may influence these behavioral outcomes indirectly by affecting goal level and goal commitment, as well as three key judgment components of work motivation: expectancy judgments, utility judgments, and progress judgments. Second, affective experience may also affect these behavioral outcomes directly’’ (2004, Barrett and Bartunek).

Based on scholar article this provides allot of different information of how studies have shown It is important in every organization big or small that everyone has the ability to make sure all departmental managers are on the same page.

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Especially with a downsized company, this can really hurt those who have had issues with bad employees versus good employees. There are difficult facts to make sure that we all keep an open perspective when a company downsizes. Giving employees bonuses during this type of a difficult situation is good because this allows you to make a peaceful profit for the employee to stay while downsizing staff.

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Sometimes if you downsize a large staff and people get cut, this can become an intimidating situation and those who are staying should feel more comfortable with their job. Having employee bonuses really reflect on those who are really hard working people and can make sure that they stay motivated.

Motivation allows a person to feel confident in their job and with the bonuses that are given; this will help to keep loyal employees during a difficult time. Those who are let go should be assured that a good reference will be with the company and that sometimes downsizing doesn’t mean a negative unemployment. Motivation of people to work effectively comes from inside out, the organizations they work for, and how motivation is accomplish. People’s intrinsic and extrinsic needs to be satisfied with such things as money or security or maybe both are needed to get the job done. There are many theories on motivations that have been studied, and some have proven to be very effective. “TheAdams’ Equity Theory- which proposes that individuals are motivated whenthey perceive that they are treated equitably in comparison to others within the organization” (Adams, 1963). According to the theory, it comes down to a fair balance between the employee’s inputs and outputs. Inputs such as his/her work skills, effectiveness as a teamplayer; against his or her outputs like money, intangibles such as sense of achievement, praise and reputation.

The heart of the Equity Theory is when people feel they are being treated fairly and respected for their work are more likely to be more motivated. Those that are unfairly treated are highly prone to feelings of disaffection and demotivation. So, by using this model in our organization we will have very motivated employees who are team players. The model will be effective by sharing information good or bad on how they are performing at their jobs and rewarding those that show good motivation and team work. The goal is for employees to like what they are doing and share that with others on the team. “As motivational situation we might seek to assess using the model, is not dependent on the extent to which a person believes reward exceeds effort, nor even necessarily on the belief that reward exceeds effort at all. Rather, Equity, and the sense of fairness which commonly underpins motivation, is dependent on the comparison a person makes between his or her reward/investment ratio with the ratio enjoyed (or suffered) by others considered to be in a similar situation”(Balancing Employee Inputs and Outputs).

Behavioral Management Theory is the understanding and response of employee needs to enforce motivation. This theory guides management in a better understanding of the human aspect. It involves management to treat employees as important resources in the workforce. The goal is to raise productivity and to do this by motivating employees. Motivating employees can involve incentives like employee bonuses, promotions, and the collection and redeeming of points for rewards. As the management takes interest in employees, it makes them feel like an important part of the puzzle, and in turn motivates employees to work harder. Like in most cases, if the employees are satisfied and working conditions are good, productivity raises automatically. A theorist by the name of Mayo Hawthorne devised an experiment that allowed a group of telephone line workers to be separated and observed in a private room. The controlled group of employees increased greatly in productivity. This brought the human relations movement that involved management spending time, showing interest, and rewarding employees to increase productivity.

Employees felt management was interested in their wellbeing. Motivated employees produce positive productivity and behavior. The behavioral management theory was developed in response to employees’ behavior education and motivation towards work being positive and increasing productivity. (Kat Kadian-Baumeyer) Managers facing a major change within a company such as downsizing must know how to handle the situation in order to make their employees feel comfortable with the impending change. There are several techniques a manager can apply in order to make the transition smooth and flawless beginning by treating each employee with respect as the individual that they are. A manager could discuss possible promotions to certain employees in order to keep them which could calm and prepare them for change. However, not every employee will be offered such a deal, but honesty will go a long way when speaking to them when there is a big change about to take place.

Once the information has been given one important technique a manager can adhere to is to listen because there will many questions and concerns. If an employee feels, they are receiving neither respect nor honesty it can quickly escalate into something hostile that is something every company and manager needs to avoid. In the workplace many times once we get into a position it can be hard for us to stay driven. That’s why managers tend to try to change things up in the work environment. Good motivations to get employees driven again are offeringrewards. It is a work driven environment that makes employees both maintain and push themselves to reap the reward.

In the healthcare environment with it being ever changing managers may even offer a reward for those that complete trainings. Many times the trainings that pop up daily have changes that need to be put in place immediately. Employees even feel better about the workplace and themselves upon completion of assignment especially knowing there will be a reward for their effective work. Managers often have to do the dirty work of disciplining and punishing employees. When managers give instruction,it’s important to be clear what performance below expectations will do for you and at the same time explaining what rewards are given for meeting and exceeding expectations.

We as the future of healthcare managers need to make sure we have the education and tools to be great leaders and lead the future of our staff to great lengths and expectations. Provided by my team this paper shows our great strengths and weaknesses. As a team we have shown that we are a stronger unit as one, we have our different opinions but still manage to make our deadlines. I am grateful for theteam membersin this class we have learned allot, and I know we are well prepared to conquer this paper.

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